Icarus — CLI flight planner / EFB

Hi all— if you’re a weirdo like me and prefer to work with the command line, you may be interested in this suite of CLI tools I’ve made for flight sim planning, called Icarus.

DL link: https://github.com/musurca/Icarus

Using Icarus from the command line, you can:

  • quickly pull up information about runways, navaids, LOC/DME freqs, etc.
  • download all published charts for an airport
  • get a current METAR
  • get a correct magnetic heading and distance from one navaid to another
  • download and decode/expand airport remarks
  • find the shortest route between two points, given the maximum range of your aircraft
  • calculate wind aloft
  • etc.

I started putting this together a few months ago for my own use, but as it expanded I decided to make it available for everyone. If you end up using it, let me know what you think! Comments / suggestions always welcome.