Ice problem with Diamond DA62

Hi all,
I’m doing a tour of the Alps (which I can fully reccomend in case someone is intersted the link is here: Italian Alps Tour 2021 » Microsoft Flight Simulator ) and I just completed the 5th flight. I have the live weather selected, and I had the nice surprise that overnight everything filled up with snow. So I started and everything looked very nice

Quickly weather got worse (clouds are just amazing)

and I noticed the formation of ice on the glass… until the point that I could not see anything

Going down wasn’t an option, so I kept following the navigation log and reached the airport, but I still couldn’t see much of it

So, apart from the obvious cheat of sticking my head out of the window :sweat_smile: the only thing I could do has been to land looking at the Garmin screen. Not my best landing, but better than the alternatives

at that point, the ice was mostly gone, but that was after landing.

I had a look around but I couldn’t see any control to defrost the glass.
Does anyone know what would be the right way to proceed in these situations?
The plane felt a bit heavy when it was full of ice, but apart from that, it kept flying fine.


I had it in front of me all the time :roll_eyes: ok I’ll try it next time.

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Hi @gpaolo79,
I have moved your topic into the #aircraft:pistons sub-category. Thank you!

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There is a mod at that removes the ice textures from the default aircraft. Search for it ir for the author jaydee

Thanks but I really like it actually. It adds a lot of realism. It’s just that I should have looked better at the controls… in my defense, it was the first time it happened to me and I was a little bit panicking trying to avoid the mountains to look properly :smiley:
I tried on the next flight where I got ice again and it worked perfectly!

Exactly , when you push the screen button it will ‘spray’ anti ice fluid on the windows , if very iced push button multiple times :slight_smile: with this kind of planes you better avoid flying tru clouds when outside temp is below zero.