[ICE333] SunDay FunDay 7-3-22

We have found that there will be places on the World Tour that we will want to return to and/or see this year. Sundays will provide the opportunity to see those places up close and slow! Join us for the FUN!

This week we fly Yellowstone National Park.
VFR Gardiner (29S) to Henry s Lake (U53).pln (7.4 KB)

For our Xbox Console flyers, we will fly these icao’s today
29S 8M3 U53

Or you can open LittleNavMap in your browser with this plan…
VFR Gardiner (29S) to Henry s Lake (U53).lnmpln (6.2 KB)

Wheels (Skids) up at 1200 EST. Click here to find your local time…

Server - South East Asia
Multiplayer Setting - All players
Suggested Time - Live (Your Choice)
Suggested Weather - Live (Your Choice)
Aircraft - Low and Slow (Your Choice)
Liveries - Default Preferred (Your Choice)
Please Note, If you want to see me in my H145 and custom livery instead of a generic aircraft, you will need to download my livery from here…

Join us for live comms in the HYPE Discord Vocal Channel here…