Iceland after World Update 5

Dramatic Iceland scenery after World update.


This free add-on might make it even better.


Before and after the Mesh installation.

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Should we notice any difference? I don’t see it, at least not from these two different distances. Looks pretty similar to me.

Yes that is what I thought, no difference. Maybe orbix used the same elevation data that Asobo used for the latest World update.

Unfortuneatly, Iceland scenery is broken. Most of Iceland has no trees. Trees are everywhere in this sim.

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Not really. I flew the Discovery Iceland Bush trip and they were not a lot of trees as you said.

Hi Guys, after the Nordic update I decided to do the next Aussie Group Flight event across Iceland. The first thing I noted was there doesn’t appear to be any POIs on Iceland. I’m sure there are handcrafted areas but can’t see any on the World map. Can anyone advise what there experience is please?

Really. I spent a month driving around Iceland so I’m very familiar with the landscape. Not only are there too many trees depicted for Iceland in this sim, they are the wrong types of trees. There are lots of shrubbery in real life than the large trees depicted in the sim . Iceland scenery right now is an immersion killer for anyone who has been to Iceland.

I cant understand what’s all the fuss about trees, So what if there are more trees than you saw, they produce more oxygen and its good for your health. For Gods sake, its just a game…


It’s a unique feature of Iceland that it has barely any trees. In interior part there is not a single tree nor any bushes. It’s basically a desert but in game it looks like Alaska.

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I guess you just need to visit and you’ll understand. Also, a game to you is a simulator to others.

A Game as far as Microsoft is concerned…

That’s not correct.

I guess you don’t know the history about Microsoft Flight Simulator and their history. Microsoft once launched a game called “Microsoft Flight”. You might be confusing Microsoft Flight Simulator with Microsoft Flight.

can somebody please do a DEM comparision between WU5 and ORBX_free based on looking at those iconic sites to see if the extra effort is worth it:

Thingvellir Fissure 64.25696424111631, -21.16062421487091
Ă–skjuvatn banks 65.02702860505671, -16.737766217078022
Dettifoss gorge 65.8135212892173, -16.38466437480759
Landmannalaugar Hills 63.98243808016449, -19.016578037630985

even Google-Earth is pretty low DEM-wise in Iceland.

Thx in advance!

Hi folks
After World Update 5, the MSFS2020 crashed near Isafjördur (Landing Challenge). How can the update be reinstalled?
Many thx

Reinstalling won’t bring you anything.
Better open a separate thread in the Bugs&Issues section. It’ll confuse this thread when people start trying to troubleshoot your issue.

Thx will do

Also make sure to first use the search function on this forum. There are others having issues:

If the description matches your issue, read and reply to that thread instead of opening a new one :slight_smile: