Iceland Bush Trip Can’t Be Completed

Also with Finland Trip and Swiss Northern lakes will not complete 2nd leg on both.

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Having the same issue, cant complete the finland trip leg 3.


Hi all.
For me it is the journey Brousse from Rijeka to Santorini blocked at stage 7 where I landed to validate the stage and I should have gone to stage 8 but the 7 is not valid.
Does anyone else have a problem with this mission?
Thank you in advance.

Bonjour à tous .
Pour moi c’est le voyage Brousse de Rijeka à Santorin bloqué à l’étape 7 ou je me suis posé pour valider l’étape et j’aurai du passer à l’étape 8 mais la 7 ne se valide pas.
Quelqu’un d’autre a t’il se problème sur cette mission ?
Merci par avance .

Same thing happened to me however it was leg 2 BIHN to BIEG. Landed safely and stopped the plane and nothing happened. It will not end the leg.

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While I love the bug fixes of SU6 a lot, almost all bush trips are broken right now.

Just took FSAcademy Voyager 2 Canaries and it won’t register GCLP Gran Canaria. Sigh, I guess no bush trips until SU7…

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In my case leg 2 of the grand alpine challenge. Taxied around and stopped a lot of times on and around LSGS, no luck. Also found that following ILS into rwy 25 would have me touch down im the village of Sion, disturbing piece in a lot of homes. Touchdown point is offset by more than 8000ft, and also not on centreline.

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Have the same issue

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WORKAROUND: deleted bush trip from ACTIVITIES folder and re-flew the trip beginning at leg 1. That did it, leg 2 now finished.
But of course we should not need workarounds.

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Alas. Now the third leg will not finish. I give up.

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When I land at BIIS, the leg doesn’t complete - I even took off and landed again and had the same issue. 62% of the way through and can’t get any further.

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I am stuck on legs that won’t complete in Iceland, Tyrol, Grand Alpine and Balkans.

I have now flown the remaining legs of the Alpine challenge in free flight mode. No credits, but have at least done the sightseeing, and that’s what it is all about.

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I’ve flown the first trip on the Iceland bush trip at least 5 times. I always taxi to the end, get the “complete” message, but never actually get credit for finishing the first leg. I’m trying to fly this in tandem with a friend of mine but he’s getting credit and I’m not, so we’re never in sync. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game but to no avail. Anyone have any advice on this one?



Forget it. Nobody at Asobo/Microsoft cares……

There are some ‘work-arounds’ posted but they’re unreliable and sporadic.

Bush Trips have been broken almost since the beginning and remain broken.

Even in the SU8 beta….(sigh)


That’s very odd. I recently finished the Iceland bush trip several weeks ago. I had a long wait in the middle of it when they broke leg competition with SU7, but that was fixed with the SU7 Update release.

Wild guess, but is it possible some of your folders are set to “read only” which prevents the sim from saving your competed leg info? I believe there is a local file buried somewhere in the directory structure that tracks your progress.


That was it - thank you! It wrote the files into the MISSIONS folder (%appdata%\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\MISSIONS) when I completed the flight, but then tagged them as read only. I just made MISSIONS and all sub-folders read/write, booted the sim, and it detected that I was ready for the second leg.

Thanks for the tip!

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For me, stage 8 ended well but not stage 9 of LATI - LANO.
Landing on the LANO runway is not detected, the journey cannot end.
In addition, NAVLOC no longer displays information when step 9 is restarted.
I think there are priority problems before solving several identical problems!

Pour moi, l’étape 8 s’est bien terminée mais pas l’étape 9 de LATI - LANO.
L’atterrissage sur la piste LANO n’est pas détecté, le voyage ne peut pas se terminer.
De plus NAVLOC n’affiche plus d’information lorsque l’étape 9 est relancée.
Je pense qu’il y a des problèmes prioritaires avant de résoudre plusieurs problèmes identiques !

Hello, liobla
Go back to step 7 or 8 and then after landing go back to the main menu, then go back to the next step and again to the main menu, so on, going back to the menu validates the step, it should solve the problem.
Kind regards

Bonjour, liobla
Revenez à l’étape 7 ou 8 puis après s’être posé revenez au menu principale, ensuite revenez à l’étape suivante et encore au menu principale, ainsi de suite, le faite de revenir au menu valide l’étape, ça devrai résoudre le problème.

the last leg has ctd issue when landing. tried 3 times and i am on Xbox!