Iceland: Search and rescue community event

I am pleased to invite you to a search and rescue event that will take place in Iceland. This is a unique project to MSFS 2020, which gives flying a goal other than just moving from A to B. You will play the role of an Iceland Coast Guard operator, whose task will be to search for lost ships, planes, people and more based on information from headquarters. You can think of it as Neofly, but the tasks are given by the gamemaster and not by the application. Do you remember Dungeons & Dragons RPG? It’s basically something like that. Search and Rescue themed roleplay.
This game will test not only your flying skills but also communication with other people, navigation and solving puzzles.

SAR event will take place on Flight Sim Break discord in SAR channel. More info on FSB.

You have to be running the Discord Desktop App before clicking the link, then the invite will work!

“Invite invalid”, even though Discord is running.

Uh, sorry forgot to update invite link

Here is new one