Icing in the default Cessna

Guys, I’m trying to recreate icing conditions in the default C172 (with the glass cockpit).

I create a layer of clouds, maximum density, maximum % coverage, zero degrees celsius on the ground, and maximum rain (to make sure it’s humid enough !).
Icing is of course set to On in the Assistance options. Modern flight model.

I start my climb, after a few thousand feet my OAT is comfortably negative. I have 3 observations:

  1. I “think” MSFS is trying to model “something” with the pitot tube icing because my IAS will “freeze”. In my case… I was climbing at 100kt and this is where the IAS froze. However, it is basic PPL knowledge that a frozen pitot tube translates into the IAS gradually dropping to reach zero instead.
  2. my VS indication doesn’t seem to be affected at all by icing. Again, it is basic PPL knowledge that in icing conditions, the VS should be frozen in its latest indication prior to being frozen (in my case, 500ft/min).
  3. I’m seeing very little ice forming on the airframe of the airplane. In these conditions, the exposed parts of the plane should be covered in clear ice. See below screenshot. I remember in FSX, it was much better rendered.

Which leads me to ask. Are there options/settings somewhere else in the sim that I may have missed ?.. Surely this is not what Asobo has wanted to model. I must be missing something.

Thank you.

I’m not getting any VSI or ASI effects where it is most likely at -1 to -2 OAT in rain in the M20, 414 or the stock 172. I have all anti-icing and pito heat off. I’ve been trying with the “Rain” and “Storm” presets. I tried a few different humidity settings and that didn’t do anything.

Icing is definitely enabled in my settings with no assists enabled.

I’d be really interested to see some weather settings that can produce it. Especially wing ice. I’ve never seen that in sim without using the dev menu.

Hi @Yuudai5178
I finally was able to get wing icing using the Overcast setting and moving outside air temp to around -9C and flying through the cloud layers for quite a while.
It definitely doesn’t accumulate nearly as fast as it used to sometime back. I know they reduced that accumulation rate some time ago, but it seems abnormally slow. My canopy and side windows were completely frozen over before it started showing any airframe/wing visible icing.

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