Icing model ignores rain and snow, only cares about clouds

Another day another bug.

Basically what the title says. The icing model only adds ice when the game counts you as “in a cloud”

As you can see in this clip, the icing only starts to build up when the “AMBIENT IN CLOUD” is on

Asobo, pls fix

Not sure if this can be considered a bug.
Rain usually only creates icing if it consists of supercooled large droplets, which is most likely too complex to simulate.
Not sure about snow either. It e.g. doesn’t stick to the windshield…not even in a car at higher speeds.

yeah its complicated. But the “on/off” system with the cloud could be improved

By the way… I miss som much the old instant freeze icing… Now it seems it is a no issue. I really don’t bother turning on any anti-ice feature I might have in the craft I’m flying. “Just ignore it (the ice) that it goes away”.