Icon A5 can't be steered properly after landing on water

I’ve noticed a problem with the new patch when I land the Icon A5 on water and it feels like the plane wants to orient itself facing into the wind and no matter how much rudder and throttle I apply, I can’t steer it any more than a few degrees out of this orientation. This issue seems to be new with the latest patch.

Did you lower the water rudder, or whatever it’s called?

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Yes, I find it’s usually not necessary but lowering it didn’t change anything.

So this problem has now continues across multiple versions?

It’s to do with the wind. If the wind is anything more than about 10-15 knots then you basically can only have it facing one way when on the water.

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Interesting. So you take away the wind component, and the problem goes away.

its worse now it acts like its attached to the seabed wind has no effect on it while in water it should weather vane, get blown down wind all the complaining about not knowing how rudders and objects work in water has made it 10x worse

With the A5 you need to raise the flaps in the water since the wind affects your orientation in the water. I’ve noticed to steer on the water you also need a bit of RPM, probably helps to make the Air rudder more effective. And yes the Water rudder must be lowered after landing so that you can control the direction on the water. But for the water rudder to work you need a small amount of speed.

This video from ICON helped me a lot in understanding water taxi.
Beaching an Airplane | How to fly the ICON A5

So yes this weekend I landed on a lake with Live weather on. After landing I wasn’t able to steer on the water either.

Looks like definitely something wrong with this aircraft.

Issue is still present. Tried the icon yesterday for the first since a few month’s. Was not able to steer on the water. Plane keeps orienting itself into the wind.

Looks like this plane isn’t used by a lot of people… Otherwise problem would be fixed allready i guess. Gonna report it today. Anyone can confirm still has te same problem?