Icon A5 nose landing gear not retracting when using Kenmore livery

before I contact the zendesk, has anyone else noticed this bug recently?
The main gear works as do the nose gear doors - but the nose wheel itself does not retract.

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Doing a quick flight, I do not have this issue. Maybe describe the steps and settings you used to get to this bug?

Yes, I realized the same issue yesterday and I tried to remember whether it was like this before. Nose gear doesn’t seem to fully retract at all. Needs to be fixed.

You’re right! The doors open and close but the gear (strut and wheel) don’t retract.
Just more weirdness!

Well, after a little more testing I detected that this problem exists only on the latest “Kenmore” livery.

It retracts fine on the default livery, for me!

yes - this is correct. I had meant to check it against the other liveries- then thought why? why would it be different by paint scheme?
go figure

I just tried doing a side by side comparison of the .cfg files in the standard and Kenmore liveries.
I didn’t notice any obvious differences, so it must be something that got added or left out somewhere else in the Kenmore livery.

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I just did the same- as you say, there is no apparent cause.
Life was easier in FSX

That it was, especially for those of us who didn’t have any reluctance to tinker around a bit.

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the problem is specific to the Kenmore livery - somehow

It comes with its own model. I believe that’s where the fault lies. And if you’re thinking about copying the default model to the Kenmore folder and renaming it, don’t. You’ll just get a CTD as soon as you try to select the livery.

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Aww… the voice of experience! I somehow just know that you tried this already, Tom!
I won’t be!

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:joy: And here i am thinking i didn’t remember correct how the aircraft was !!!
So it is indeed a bug !

I haven’t tried to fly this one again, but I just checked the dates on the files, and they’re still the 9-March originals - same with the Bonanza.

Guess what? :smile: