Icon A5 remarks

Hello fellas

It seems to me that there are several things missing from the Icon A5.

Let me start form the thing that is NOT MISSING, but should have some tweak:

->The real plane has a noticeable weathervane effect, when in water. That means it “turns on its own against the wind”. That is why people make silly YouTube videos titled “My Icon A5 doesn’t turn today, wtf?” That is because those people were playing in live environment and that particular day, there was a lot of wind, that made weathervane effect even more serious. They don’t get that. They think it is a bug, when in fact it is just the live environment simulation doing it’s job. Plus the fact that those people are unaware of the water rudder feature of the Icon A5. I sincerely hope that the studio can pick up such uneducated feedback.

That being said the Icon A5 needs:

  1. Some better water rudder authority in the water, cause it seems to me that Icon A5, has so much weathervane effect modeled, that it is uncontrollable even at 5-10 knots winds, which I am sure that the real one can handle.

  2. Landing gear down when in water. The (easy to find online) Icon A5 real World checklist states that Landing grad CAN be extended in the water below 10 knots. It doesn’t happen in game, the gear handle goes down, but the gear won’t. It is a missing feature or a bug, but the point is that it is an amphibian plane after all, and just like the bush planes can land on fields, the A5 (and future FS seaplanes) should climb on ramps in some bespoke ports, or in some beaches. Landing gear down in water. It is a an amphibian plane. Fix ASAP.

  3. Water effects. Nothing more to say. They are missing. Obviously. Take you time, but do it right.

  4. Icon A5 Garmin GPS split screen functionality. The real A5 can show an aviation instruments duplicate on the GPS. For Icon A5 this is a must, as you can have access to a full 360 HSI and real vertical speed indicator. Not particularly useful, but it would be nice to have fir those who want to use the A5 in its full capability.

(…and now the useless stuff)

  1. Bigle purge simulation. The real icon A5 does take some water in and has a pump to purge water out of it. It is not hard to simulate, as time goes by, when in water and Stopped, the water gets in as dictated by timer, the bigle light is turned on, player needs to flick the switch to purge it and take off only when light is off.

  2. Open canopy functionality. Last on the list, probably will never happen, but it isn’t too hard to do, and would make so ■■■■ cool screenshots.

That’s it guys.
That is all it is missing.

If FS gets those not only will the Icon A5 be feature complete but it will be the Icon A5 simulator to date.


Afterthought edit:

And (as in ALL FS 2020 Garmin GPS systems), there is the mistake of having:
->The “nearest” menu having the waypoint info data and…
->The “waypoint info“ menu has the nearest Airport data.
You get the idea, the 2 menus have switched content. But that is an overall FS2020 Garmin oopsie rather than an Icon A5 related thing.


I thought the Icon A5 also has a safety parachute! Where is that or is it MIA, too?! (or an extra that you have to buy?)

Picture is from Icon Aircraft web pages!


Well that one too.

If one can lan’t land even an the Icon A5 and does want to make use of a simulation of a parachute…FS could have that one too.

And it doesn’t really need to manifest it self with graphics and all, just pull handle and “end of simulation”…with a message “you made it back alive”

But people don’t seem to know what water rudder is, I am sure they will pull the IPS handle just for the fun of it, and then start moaning on line, that the sim took another 5 minutes to reboot mission.

We wouldn’t want that, Would we???


I am not sure if the developers follow the forums, best you open a ticket at zendesk: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Just tried a taxi from Sky Harbor near Duluth, MN in an Icon A5 and as soon as the plane taxied down the ramp into the water “Crashed into water” and back to the start.
Should be able to enter and leave the water with gear down on boat/airboat ramps as [mcthemis62402 points out in their point 2 above.

Zendesk can go kick rocks

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hey I agree with just about everything on your post but have some thoughts on your 1st. point from a mariners pov. not trying to prove anyone wrong just my thoughts with zero real life float plane experience.
I don’t think you could control this thing worth a ■■■■ in the water. here’s why,

  1. the plane will always weather vane in any amount of wind. The amount of resistance under the water is almost non existent including the hull. compared to what is exposed to the air. so the wind will almost always have more authority over the plane.
  2. the rudder is the size of a paper plate. its pretty equivalent to having a floating dock and trying to steer it with a paddle attached to the back, that would probably handle better due to less wind resistance. Also rudder effectiveness reduces with speed. effectiveness in general depends on how much water is moving past the rudder.
  3. the poh limits the planes water ability at 12" waves which equates to about sustained 6 knts using the beaufort scale which isn’t accurate in sheltered waters, but that tells me that icon doesn’t want you on the water with wind speed above 6knts
  4. seaplanes are not designed to be boats they are planes that can land on water in ideal conditions. I don’t know but I always imagines float planes being wildly uncontrollable in anything over two knts unless it has a good amount of steerage way (enough speed to steer)
    With all that said who knows how the water is modeled to interact with the plane the winds effect on the water would be another simulator in itself lol.
    We can only go up from here. heh
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Thanks for taking the time to share!
The main issue I have seen, see picture, is the ability to land with wheels closed, first time it was my mistake but I could simulate it two more times.
Not sure it is a bug, but the flight log marked it as one, still ATC asked me to leave the runway :smiley:

I think this post needs to get a vote button, not bug report as looks as this aircraft needs some care :pray:t2:

You can do a wheels up landing in any plane. You will usually damage the prop. but in the Icon the prop. is protected. When I tried it in the Icon, I got a grinding noise and smoke coming from under the plane. Once it stopped I could not lower the gear, and could not move. It seemed pretty realistic to me. Except no fire engines scrambled to help.


I don’t even think the water rudder is even modeled in the sim at all, I’ve had a look in the flight_model.cfg file and there are no entries for water rudder, just the rudder.

This is probably why this plane can’t steer on the water!!!

Try landing or taking off with it deployed (flip the water rudder tab with the mouse). You will see that exceeding the parameters results in a crash. I agree that when deployed within parameters it doesn’t seem to help.

What is that :smiley:

I think it needs to more like this one, to be the Icon of Simulators


Yes agree, and yes we just talk about rudders missing, the parachute is missing too… and yes. the SDK is not able to deal with waves created by aircraft moving in the water… let say maybe 2022-2023 version :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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There is a switch in the Icon for lowering and raising a rudder in the water. It is supposed to help you steer at slow speeds in the water, but it doesn’t seem to do anything except cause a crash if you go to fast with it lowered.

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If there is little wind the WR does it’s job. And it allows steerage at lower speeds than just the regular tail surface.
However if it is windy the water rudder is not enough to counter the yawing applied by winds striking the vertical tail.
The water rudder is normally stowed on amphibs for takeoff and landing as far as I know.