Icon A5 trim

Anyone can explain how trims works in this plane?, It looks a little chaotic to me. Thanks, folks :slight_smile:

Morning all. It’s not so much the A5, it’s the MSFS trim coding. I fly the A5 all the time and I’ve found that when I tap the trim it does move in small increments. However when I hold the trim button it starts off small and then runs away very aggressively. Just keep using it and you’ll get used to it. Also the more you use an aircraft you’ll find you’ll get to know how much of the horizon you normally see and can trim very quickly.

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Thanks. Yo me is very frustrating “fighting” with the plane to mek it mor or less “stable”

@KeenPlayer75344 the mechanics of the trim in MSFS are fine in my opinion. I have no trouble using the trim on other planes but it’s terrible on the Icon A5.

After retracting the flaps and gear the plane just wants to fly into the sky and you need an exorbitant amount of trim to find level flight. If this isn’t a bug then I don’t know what is.

Do you have the flaps set at T/O during take-off?

I agree 100% with you - the trim in the A5 is terrible.
I have a key binding for trim and other aircraft it is great but not the A5. If you hover the mouse over the trim button on the stick you can see the incremental movements but it is not consistent.
Also the Trim gauge never moves.