Icon A5 Turning left in water

Is this normal…when landing the Icon A5 in water and lowering the water rudder, she turns HARD to the left. Even if I full right rudder she goes left. I literally can barely steer to the right.

What is happening?

Is there any wind?

not sure, i’m just doing the adventure flight in scotland and tried to land on a Loch. The wind must be REALLY strong to make it unable to turn right

Wind is the victim of so many problems and issues which are caused by bugs but not wind.:rofl::crazy_face:

Prop torque?

i thought of that too but the water rudder should be able to counter all of those forces, or else it’s basically uncontrollable. hmm strange

Use external view while in the water and don’t touch your rudder. What is the position of the water rudder?

Water rudders don’t work for me either.

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