I'd love to see someone come up with a good water color replacement

I think water can be hit or miss in the sim. Sometimes it’s spot-on, sometimes it looks ridiculous. Fly over some lakes on a sunny day, and they seem just unnaturally blue, kind of like the blue we see on the borders of these forums.

Small inland lakes are usually dark in color as a general rule, some green, some black, some crystalline, but for the most part, they’re not represented well in the sim. Rivers can be improved as well, as they are an awful shade of blue in most non-enhanced areas that I fly.

Please please remember the water Devs:-)

Some of the smaller water ways in British Columbia are not even water, but instead a solid tar-like substance that you can land on.

Which reminds me, I need to log that with Zendesk.


I agree… I think water is nice at this time, but it could be better! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Tropical water looks terrible. There is little color variation. Reefs are not visible. Trailers showed something completely different.

They’re adding those in manually, since they ran into issues with the AI doing it globally, and gave pretty bad results apparently.

from the last patch:

  • Water mask has been edited to display actual aerial image near the shore in some areas

They’ll continue to add these in future updates, but since it’s manual, they can’t do the whole world at once.