If I have my MSFS copy on a D: drive, will there be problems using it on multiple PCs?

I installed yesterday my MSFS2020 copy on PC and apparently my PC isn’t powerful enough to run it. Since I was expecting this, I installed my MSFS copy on a SanDisk D: drive USB3.2.

Will I be able to just connect my D: drive to another PC, download Xbox App on that PC, login with my account and start MSFS, or will I have to re-install (sigh) the sim on the D: drive but via the other PC?

And if the answer to my previous question is no, if I move MSFS from the D: drive to the C: drive of that other PC and then back to the D: drive, will it work?

You can have MSFS on multiple devices but only one can be used at the same time.

Yes, that was what I meant. So I can connect that D drive to another PC and just install msfs launcher, he will detect the installation and start Msfs?

On this, you will probably need to install first pointing the install to your drive. This creates the necessary setup folders.

Yes, this should work.

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Ok, so I will not have to re-install the whole sim but only some GBs of setup files?

Thanks so much!

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Hester40MT, could you please tell me exactly how to do it? Xbox app doesn’t show Microsoft Flight Simulator even if I have the D: drive connected and if I go to install the launcher he starts installing the whole 123GB…what the heck?

Did you point the installer to your D: drive installation?

When I open the Xbox app, I go on Microsoft Flight Simulator and click Install, it doesn’t download the installer. It starts downloading the whole sim directly from Xbox app. Which is strange because a couple of days ago it would install the installer, not the whole sim.

Actually it’s a pretty intricate situation here. I’ve tried MSFS on my potato laptop which cant obv run the sim, then I’ve tried it on another PC (let’s call it PC2) and it starts as I said installing the whole sim from the Xbox app.

Then, I’ve tried on even another PC. Let’s call it PC3. On that PC, I don’t have enough space for the install on C:, and now D: neither has enough space since it’s a 232GB drive, and after I installed MSFS on that D: drive there wouldn’t be space for another msfs installation. Since Xbox app doesn’t even download the installer if you don’t have 123GB free space, I will have to connect another drive (let’s call it F:), install the installer on that drive, and point the installer from F: to the installation I got in D:. All of this will be possible if Xbox app on PC3 installs the installer and not the whole sim as Xbox app on PC2 does. Let’s just hope, I’ll try later.

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I just wanted to confirm, I purchased the XBOX Series X version, I am a student pilot and switching over to a PC for a better experience. Do I have to purchase another copy of MSFS for the PC I am having built, how do I install it on the PC? Thanks in advance.

As long as you are using the same MS account, there is no problem.
You can install the sim on as many devices as you want, bearing in mind that you can only log in on one device at a time.
As well, anything that you have purchased from the marketplace will be available on any other devices, but things that you install into your “Community Folder” on the PC will not be available on other devices.