If I opt out of Beta Testing on Xbox, will it erase Beta 12 off my XB?

So if i opt out of the beta program on xbox, will it delete beta 12 and go back to SU 11 on my xbox?

Yes, I believe it will go back to

And I think the world updates each got updates (which may or may not be tied to SU12) so… even though they try to make it a simple enroll / unenroll process, in practice it may be buggy. I’d suggest having Plan B ready - which for me, means uninstall, clean install (the trick being to delete user data and start fresh).

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What exactly do you expect to happen? Lol the only thing is that you’ll need to “reinstall” the sim, you need to update it and it is 60gb, so that why basically is reinstalling the whole sim.

Thanks. I probably don’t want to enroll in the future Beta’s so I’ll opt out.

I suggest to wait until SU12 is out and then, just after launching the sim for the official version, you opt out. That way I haven‘t had any issues yet. Just don‘t do this before you share the same version. I‘m on PC but that should be similar in this case.

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Yes I agree with this suggestion. Chances of keeping things stable are improved if you just stay in SU12 until it is final, then, unenroll will be smooth (er) and I don’t think anything will be uninstalled, you just won’t be included in the next beta.

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I opted out of beta testing after AAU1 released and had no problems at all (XSX). Leaving mid-beta could prove more difficult, so I too would wait until SU12 has been released.

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As suggested before: I strongly suggest you wait with leaving until SU12 is out. Then you can leave with no risk. Leaving now mid-beta will re-install the SU11 base install, but you still have SU12 repository packages, which have weird and unknown version numbers to the SU11 base install. You either have to manually remove those packages (which AFAIK is not possible on XBOX) or hope for the best that the base install detects all those and replace them with older versions of the package (which I find unlikely).

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All these Beta 12 bugs are annoying the heck out of me. I understand it’s a Beta but things that were fixed after the SU11 debacle should not be broken in the next beta build.

If they keep what they have in this beta for SU12 it’s going to be another 1000 page thread like you had when SU11 came out and the game will be unplayable for another month afterwards until they fix things.

Have done two rollbacks to release
Once from
And then again from

After opting out and restarting the xbox, the sim finds a 70Gb “update” (which is at start and installs it. runs as stable as before or even better. Think it might have refreshed some of my older buggy files. :grin:

This is Xbox thou, where the devs know exactly which files you have and which ones have to be rolled back. Id be a bit more hesitant on PC.


this is very helpful. I"m on Xbox as well.

Just opted out - restarted my Xbox - now it’s asking to update the 70GB.

Great info! Thanks again!

Update - confirmed working and better than ever!

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Good to know!


That sounds really messy, and doesn’t give much incentive for users who wish to try out future betas.

Hopefully Asobo can improve things in future, and make it a smoother process for those wishing to opt out mid-beta. Deleting some packages post revert doesn’t sound like a big ask.

It might work, but the last time I tried it didn’t. Your results may vary :slight_smile:

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