IF they had TOLD US we needed the XBox App before WU6

Not yet…. but the signs are already growing…

My assumption, OP, is that they didn’t know…

Poor excuse…. Thats even worse…. They made it happen. Wheres the testing?

Aha! A conspiracy! Of course. It’s a grand master plan though with very long term and diabolical thinking. Something like this:

I know! Let’s find a way of really getting back at those nasty PC simmers that have been the bane of our lives for years - they’ve never given us a penny over the years for all our previous flight sims. What we’ll do is create a great flight sim - one that will blow everything else out of the water. To do it we’ll invest years and years in it and spent millions and millions of dollars developing it and putting the complicated infrastructure in place, signing deals with lots of third parties to provide weather, nav data, you name it. It will be the sim to end all sims!

But of course, those pesky simmers won’t see our plan at all, because we’ll tell them the sim is for them, when, in reality it’s for XBOX!!! [cue maniacal laughter]. Then, once the PC simmers are hooked, we’ll take all that good work we’ve done, and throw it all away and make the sim really bad so it will really appeal to those [insert bad word] xbox gamers who won’t know their IFR from their elbow. Can you imagine how upset the PC simmers will be!!! It’s a genious plan…


Well, except for the Xbox part (substitute “MS Flight”), that IS ultimately how they killed FSX.

But I don’t want that app?

I really want MS to allow me to transfer to Steam by now. MS store apps are a dumpsterfire.

It may run on Xbox, but it is not identical, nor a substitute for the experience on a gaming PC, however. The specific choices of memory, graphics card, processor, peripherals vital for flight such as yoke, brake pedals, instruments, MCP, et. al comprise a set of hardware addons that are essential to a flight simmer on a gaming PC wishing to create as nearly a real world simulation as possible. Since you cannot augment your Xbox with anything other than your thumb-finger clicky thing, its limitations keep it as a clearly defined toyish package.

You have that wrong, of course you can connect a yoke and pedals

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How many USB ports can it handle? Additional monitors? External sound cards with Buttkicker bass? External MCP autopilot?

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Despite having a PC I guess that means I can’t be a simmer as I only use joystick, pedals and headphones

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On the contrary… as a PC owner, you can set your own hardware and design options. It is all up to you how much simulation you want to immerse youself in. Some folks, myself included, have built elaborate setups over the years optomizing the variety of addon hardware peripherals and multi-monitor options available.

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Why everyone is concerned? In my case is MONEY. I paid for be a frustrated and unhappy person; and respecting the original post, I have to say that I also lost time, trying to download the Update. Because some Kind ASOBO or MS Manager decided not to advise about the mandatory need to install XBox App.

OK, so there seem to be two things going on here.

1. No one told us we might need this xbox app

Well, guess what, they did:



2. I don’t want to install this xbox app thing because (delete any that are not applicable):

  • I’m worried about bloatware even though I’ve no idea what this app is or does
  • I’m worried it will infect my PC and turn it into an xbox
  • I just don’t like the fact it has xbox in the title and so it must be a bad thing because obviously the xbox is a bad thing and can never be used for simming anything really and is just for children and gamers not elite simmers like me
  • It’s all part of the xbox take over conspiracy and they are dumbing my personal sim down so that I’ll somehow bin my pc and buy an xbox
  • I’d never have bought the sim in the first place if I’d known they were going to make me install this terrible app (that I’ve never used and have no idea what it does)
  • I don’t know, it just seems like I should whine because I’ve got an extra step in this install thing that I’ve only just found out about that will take me less than a minute and enable my sim to be updated, which is totally outrageous

I think that about covers it.

Editors note: I may have paraphrased some of the earlier posts in this thread and used some poetic licence :grin:


Well, there you have it ;).

Could also have waited for the MS store to be stable again ;), but chose to do the workaround.

If you would ever re-use from me, please contact… no kidding :laughing:, happy poetry!

When was all of this announced?

Serious question, not trying to discount or discredit anything you are saying. A lot of it is true, some of it seems rather condescending (not sure if that is how you indented it). If it came out even a day or two before the update dropped shame on me (us) although I will say it was not very well publicized. If what you are showing came out during or after the update was released then, yes it is a major annoyance and lack of planning from ASOBO/MS.

Off to the grind, see ya’ll this evening.

Came out within an hour or so of the update

The XBOX app is not bloatware. It literally sits there and does nothing apart from the one time each month when you open it for the FS updates. It is the only app you need to update the sim, and is far superior to the MS Store method of updating that was used in the past as it was plagued with bugs.

Well put! The “fear and loathing” about the XBox app (because it has the word “XBox” in it), is amusing considering that the very first splash screen that appears when launching MSFS says “XBox Game Studios” in big, bold letters, and that has been the case since the sim launched over a year ago.

I did not have an issue getting the initial update to download from the Store, because I already had the XBox app installed.

I had assumed (apparently incorrectly) that it has always been required to download and run MSFS. That goes back to my initial participation in the Alpha, where the “XBox Insider” app was required. At that time, the “Insider” app was the only way to get the initial sim installation and any subsequent updates to the Alpha.


apparently they could not tell us as its a bug in the Store.

I was none the wiser about this and it hasn’t affected me. I mean technically I “need” to have Microsoft Edge on my PC (it doesn’t let me remove it) although I never use it.