IF they had TOLD US we needed the XBox App before WU6

Yes you can uninstall if after the install and the sim still runs, no big deal.


Yes and I would have been annoyed about it then as I am now. Especially as the sim ran without it, which pretty much proves the uselessness of the app.



I can install the update without the XBOX app- I tried it first with xbox app and it did not work.
FIRST TAKE A LOOK if you have install optional windows Updates KB5005101. After the install of this update (took me around 10 minutes) my microsoft store updated FS2020 after a restart. - and i did not started the xbox app.

I´m now installing the update ingame (world upate 6)

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Not me. I bought the store version after I bought the Steam version so I could get away from having to use a social media app to run the sim. You don’t need the Xbox app for the Steam version, do you? I know this is a me problem for not knowing about the Store version, but stirring us all into the Xbox soup is backhanded IMHO.


Their words not mine.

I’m not being funny but is it really that big of a deal? I had the app before I even had an Xbox, the app is great, all my screen shots and clips go straight to my phone. It hardly takes up any room on your phone, and can be hidden out of sight if you so wished. Don’t get what all the fuss is about.

The only problem I’ve found with the sim is the hotas not saving sensitivity settings, but hey it’s not the end of the world.


Mountains out of molehills and drama queens aplenty as expected come every update day!

XBOX is just the name of the app, and has nothing to do with the console whatsoever, and even if it did, any complaining about that and blasting your false sense of superiority at the mere fact you have a gaming PC (and ultimately looking down on console users) is not welcome on this forum or community.

The funny thing is this whole XBOX app thing was discussed over the last SU as it was a requirement for that update to download.

Trolls… sit down before you fall down.


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its the MS Store, its bugged like hell. Since Years. Especially when it games to Gaming and all the Apps involved like Xbox App, Xbox Gaming, Gaming Helper, Xbox Game Bar, XBox Identity Provider…lol so many Apps just for this…
Steam can do it since 2003, Whereas MS has so many Bugs (Mutliplayer, Find Friends,Installation, Downloads)

Its like Windows Update…

Well, you had the choice to buy the sim in Steam, if you bought it in Microsoft’s marketplace, with the reputation it has always had, Asobo can’t really be blamed here.

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Well, I can tell you that my WU6 update was not available for download until after I installed the xbox app. I’ve been running the sim since day 1 without this app. Something changed and it was not communicated in advance of this update (in any forum announcement that I read.)


I think it was because of Windows 11, which does not use the MS Store anymore, but the Xbox app for games. Until 3 days ago users were complaining they could not download MSFS in windows 11, but something changed 3 days ago. I think that is what caused this.

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For those with a more positve attitude towards the XBox app, I’m so glad that I remember the bad old days of GFWL and bought this on Steam


haha yeah I was going to say this! It’s been a requirement for a while now.

Am I the only one who received the update 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time in the store without the need for restarting or doing any magic?

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You should not have to install bloatware to update a game. This situation is ridiculous. Asobo could easily have released the .exe to a shareware site.

Myself, I just uninstalled MSFS, and reinstalled the whole lot over night. If we all took this approach over installing bloatware, then things would change.

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Bang on, in every detail.

It’s no big thing for me as I already had it installed (I have used “XBox Game Pass for PC” since day 1, so have never “bought” MSFS) but I think some people here are so obsessed with the SU5 update that they would rather stick a fork in their hand than install anything that says “XBox” on it, despite it actually having nothing to do with the XBox consoles.

Anyway, if they want to experience real pain, they should try Origin or the new EA app :slight_smile:


Steam has it’s own raft of problems though. For me, it’s the clunky library sharing which means (for me anyway) I can’t play any games in my steam library while my son has “borrowed” it to play a different game on his PC. At least with XBox Game Pass, we can both play games at the same time (albeit with a bit of setup grief) so he can play Forza Horizon or Fifa while I’m doing a long flight downstairs. Harmony FTW!

I’m furious too, finally got through it, had to do updates, reboot and log out and in several times, everything was up to date in my computer, only the xbox ■■■■.
and I don’t have an Xbox, I have a PC. In fact, I’m so angry that I refuse to buy any more addons. After the update5 disaster I flew with Aerofly 2, works flawlessly in VR.

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Shame the MSFS game itself still directs one to the MS Store for the update - which of course does not exist there. Took me an age to discover I needed to install another MS app - disappointing that the game update didn’t take this into account.


Didn’t they first say it’s just a temporary issue a lot of games are experiencing. Now it’s mandatory?