If you are disapointed you are playing the game wrong

But Casual , Flight Simming has always been about the community. There are a ton , of videos , mods , forums, discords now that do nothing but help people. This community teaches ppl , for free in real time with coms and real world phraseology how to fly planes…

I get that there are some issues and the CTD’s / Downloading if reported am sure they will get looked at, as that is one of their top priorities.

Day 5 of release.

The problem(s) are numerous - but arguably, it’s the “tentpoles” of the program - such as the ability to consistently stream the scenery in real-time (or alternately, appropriately map cache it in an easy and convenient way if one’s bandwidth wouldn’t support it), that’s part of the “disappointment.” These are the types of problems that should have been caught in QA and addressed before launch, or prepared workarounds in Zendesk FAQ. The disappointment may also trend towards “how” a customer is using the program and for what purpose, but it’s these underlying issues that are making this launch more painful than it had to be.

I will not pretend to be tech savvy all I know is for me personally I bought the Sim, clicked down load and in 3 hours I was off flying in a 172skyhawk with the G1000 around the world. I use the AP a lot it does have issues , there are some scenery issues I have seen, cough cough greenland. But for the 50+ hours I have in game and having many hours in FSX / x-plane , flying with Virtual Airlines on Vatsim. I can say that what they have produced on a Day 1 release just blows my mind. Yes there are issues but I have faith they will get it sorted out.


Your use of the word GAME is correct here, I assume most of us were expecting a SIMULATOR. Can’t really call it that in the current state. I’m afraid Microsoft has overstated the importance of having great graphics and details and forgot the simulator part of the product. Very basic functions are just missing, replay modes, flight analysis, can’t even control the meteorological visibility (but we can adjust the snow depth, very usefull indeed). For me this is a game and not a simulator, there isn’t a great offer of planes either, 2 airliners, the rest is all single engine piston with G1000, no helicopters, no gliders, no classics (of course I knew this before buying). Sure this might be added in the future, but this means that in the current state its fun to fly over your own house, fly some VFR and put it in hibernation mode until more functionality arrives.

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Here is the deal though , you have options. No one is going to force anyone to play MSFS 2020. No one is keeping anyone from getting a refund. No one is stopping anyone from playing the game just the way it is.

It’s easy for us to show our criticism in a forum but there are some very hard working people trying and doing an amazing job to give this small community something we need very badly.

Bottom line is this, if you don’t like it stop playing. Go play what ever you enjoy. But this is a public forum on MSFS 2020 . No Dev is going to read your criticism, no one that is playing the game right now cares about any criticism. They are having fun. Now if I was not having fun I would go play something else. As far as being disappointed goes well I have gamed, being around since dial up :slight_smile: I know anytime , Any Game , Sim or Anything computer related on Day 1 or even the first month of a release is going to have issues.

But for now I will keep on flying and keep on supporting and keep on reporting issues to Zen desk and keep on trying to be a positive. After all if I was not having fun I would go find my fun somewhere else till things get better.


Absolutely agree with you, today I did a VFR flight from KCEA-KSLN, was a blast. I leave a link to my post below.

Textron Aviation C172S VFR KCEA - KSLN

Right now I am on ILS approach ILS 4L Helsinki Finland local time 12am ish , at night this is just amazing :slight_smile:

I have to stop myself sometimes and remember that i have a plane I need to land lol


“If you are disapointed you are playing the game wrong”

Condescending statements like this are just as useless as whining posts, if not more. At least some of those negative posts point out to problems no matter how badly worded they are. Not as constructive as analytic feedback threads, but they still raise awareness on existing problems, reflecting the level of frustration.

What good your post do? Or my comment here? Other than chasing approval in an empty manner.

“Don’t waste your time complaining on the forums, find a game that is worth your time”

Same apply to you Sir! Don’t waste your time with empty rants on the forums, and go play the game. :slight_smile:

Note to self: Take your own advise and go complete the bush trip instead of lurking forums. I mean, NOW!



I dropped 120 USD and I am happy with this sim. VFR is absolut amazing. I am flying Xplane 11 (with TrueEarth and Ortho4xp) too and visited some places. In MSFS they are looking much better.
Maybe the planes in XP11 (payware) are better, but for MSFS it is just the beginning. And I love it to have the possibility to fly everywhere in the world.
Sure ASOBO had to patch a lot. Thats normal. Neither XP11, Prepar3d nor any other sim were in good or best shape at release.


Just because the game does not meet up with your expectations does not mean the 21k people online right now and the over 30k people that were online today are not having a good time.


But it’s lonely flying sometimes :slight_smile: I still like all positive post even if they don’t add much or the quality is ifffy

We used to fly IFR all the time, cause no sim so far was able to simulate VFR in a realistic way. I tried VFR and what a beautiful experience in this sim.
Sure, I also want some airliners working, but I see this hobby in a different way now. Flying a GA plane is much more interesting, than I thought, especiatelly when you try to do it realistic. VFR maps and flightplanning are way more complex, than I thought so far. I just beginn learning a whole new part of aviation, that was not possible in any other sim before.
I start feeling, IFR with airliners will maybe very boring for me soon. In GA every flight is an adventure and I really have to fly the plane and take care of other aircraft, weather and more. In airliners it is more like programming a computer and watch it fly.

Of course this is just my experience and others may vary. That’s fine.
Happy flying! :slightly_smiling_face:


I couldn’t have said it better myself. We finally have an actual reason to fly the smaller GA aircraft now instead of just cruising to 35k feet and not worrying about anything except adjusting the autopilot. I have been flying around places like the Alps with real world weather conditions that can be quite harrowing as I’m trying to figure out where I’m going. Figuring out things like where to follow the valleys and when to harness every ounce of power from my little plane to go over some mountains… it’s the most fun I’ve had in years.

I actually just finished a flight from Innsbruck to Salzburg where I got lost and visibility was really poor. Both of my VOR needles were dead (the one behind me and the one ahead I was searching for). The feeling of relief when I got my little 152 to make it over the mountains and my ADF needle came alive and I knew it was guiding me home… I haven’t felt these things since I first started playing flight simulators 20 years ago.

At this point, I honestly couldn’t care less if we never get a good airliner. There is no reason to waste my time with them anymore since we have real flying available to us now.


That’s exactelly what I meant. Finally I am back flying! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with OP, MSFS2020 is the best sim since sliced bread, and sliced bread was super popular :smiley:

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Absolutely true! I do not at all want to sim IFR at home, already do that for a living, I want to fly VFR for fun without raising my CO2 footprint and so far, I have always been disappointed by all other sims. What is the use getting out your VFR charts, doing some flight planning to a specific landmark and failing miserably, not because your navigation is bad, but because that landmark is just not part of the simulated scenery?
And THAT is the greatest advantage of the new sim: if it is in your charts, it DEFINITELY is there on the ground as well! Yes, IFR flying may as of now not be as good as in other programs, but where is the fault in focusing on the particular strength of this one, at least for the first weeks or months after release?
It is a funny paradox that doing the easy, the basic stuff, is way more complicated for any computer system than what we as humans view as the advanced challenges. So, technologically, providing a good (or great) VFR environment is way more taxing than providing a great IFR environment the same way that playing world-class-level chess is one thousand times easier for a computer than just leading a simple natural conversation with it.


People need to give it time.

I’ll state honestly that I am disappointed with this simulation, although maybe not for the same reason stated by the op. While I think that generally I am more for heavy airliners and IFR flying because I can feel a little like Captain Picard or something along those lines, I do know that there is a lot to be had in low-and-slow VFR flying.

What ultimately triggered my disappointment is not the fact that the airliners are not up to standard (heh, most study level aircraft are at least $60 USD), but by a multitude of “little things” that make this product feel shamelessly rushed.

I loaded up the Beech Baron today, as an example, because I’m trying to pick a multi-engine twin to eventually do a checkride on vatsim. Seems to fly ok and all, and has nice G1000 displays. Only one problem: it’s completely missing an altitude selector knob, which makes the altitude bug on the PFD completely useless.

I loaded up the King Air 350 the other day because I use to skipper the King Air irl. I just feel completely shocked by the fact that the entire flight management system isn’t even clickable, and that there is no way to program my flight plan in the panel without having to go through the menus.

I’m also further irked by the fact that the altimeters all use inhg and lacks qnh on everything except the few aircraft in the sim that carry the traditional analogue “six pack.”

I guess stuff like what I mentioned will eventually (or rather, hopefully) get fixed. I’m just disappointed because even FSX, FS2004, or FS2002 at least had slightly more functionality than the end product we see today.

The graphics are good though, and I can’t deny this. Exploring the world VFR in a light simple aircraft is a joy, and its the kind of flying I’ve always wanted to get back into even as a licensed ATP. Its how I will likely spend a lot of my time until IFR gets ironed out. Still, I can’t hold back my disappointment, because even though one aspect of flying is completely revolutionary, there is still a lot to be desired.

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Totally agree, great game if you like just VFR and forget about the fact that HDG hold etc will not work.
Probably same team as wrote code for Boeing.

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“If you are disapointed you are playing the game wrong”
You’re holding it wrong.

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