If you lost G-Sync After World Update 3 here is a possible fix

After the last update 16.2.2021 I lost G-Sync in full screen mode but this morning I found if I have G-Sync setup as normal and hit the enter key I have G-Sync in full screen mode.

Nvidia Control Panel Global and Microsoft Flight Simulator settings.

Nvidia Control Panel
Setup G-Sync: Enable G-Sync for windowed and full screen mode

Global Settings
Monitor Technology: G-Sync
Vertical Sync: use the 3D application settings

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Monitor Technology: use global setting (G-Sync)
Vertical Sync: use global settings (use the 3D application settings)

This might help someone if they had the same problem as me.

RYZEN 5600
Nvidia 1080 (still waiting for a 3080)
32GB Ram

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Nvidia Control Panel
Setup G-Sync: Enable G-Sync for windowed and full screen mode

Just as an FYI, you may have to toggle this back to full screen only when you go to play other games that run in windowed/fullscreen borderless. This setting still causes issues in a lot of games running in windowed mode.

I’ve had some issues with g sync after the update. Mostly about light flickering in msfs. Especially with glass cockpits. I tried alot of different settings but only disabling g sync got rid of this. But then the experience wasn’t as smooth no more (first i thought gsync had little improvement in fs but i found out it does help alot)

Somehow after resetting all nvidia settings to their default and gsync enabled everything seems to run fine again.

Now i just ignore custom 3d settings in nvidia panel and have it run @ let application decide. Gsync is working again in fullscreen mode and so far no flickering appart from a few times in the games menu😕

Edit: now i think about it, just before update 3 i felt that the image wasn’t so smooth anymore. Checked gsync but was still on. But somehow it only felt smooth from around 70fps. While earlier 50fps was allready prety smooth. Might be gsync is conflicting with msfs settings somehow. But like i said, all is good now again.

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