If you would like to come flying, come join me

I’ll be in my Discord Chatroom #1, the invite is https://discord.gg/X76jkmHN

My fs2020 gamertag is KevyKevTPA, and I’m tentatively planning to fly from KSAC to CYVR in the WT CJ4, but if anyone wants to join me, we can change that plan to whatever. I’m already in the chatroom, but still setting up my flight plan, etc., so not in the sim just yet, but I might be by the time you have read this! Or, it might be tomorrow by then, who knows LOL…

Come hang out if you’d like.

Hi Kev
What time zone are you in?
I haven’t flown in several months but will be reinstalling the sim in the near future.
Never flew this sim in a group, but have in combat flight sims. Favorite plane is the longitude in sim.

@Hamltnblue I’m in the Eastern Time Zone, and I haven’t flown the Longitude in a long time. It depends on what your goals are, but this bad boy makes a great multiplayer plane, it’s free, unlike many freeware planes it is awesome, and well… Just wait until you try it for the first time. Just take them seriously when they say takeoff with no more than about 35% power, and be really careful taxiing with her.

It’s the engine from the TBM strapped onto the body of the JL-3. And it exists in the real world.

This forum isn’t the most conducive for doing scheduling, that’s not a diss on the forum, it’s great for what it does, but it doesn’t do scheduling. PM me and I’ll give you my email address. Drop me a note and we’ll figure out when we can go!


I’d be interested to play if you have the time. not very experienced but would love to learn. Not sure how to pm on here either… maybe you can pm me to figure it out? my first day on the forum sorry

Done. It should show up as a green colored alert up in the upper right by where your picture is, where regular alerts show up in blue. That is, assuming you haven’t already found it.

Hi Kev
That looks like a cool plane. I noticed it says that auto rudder can be an issue. I made the mistake and gave mine away a couple of years back when I took a break from combat sims. If pedals are needed, the TBM should be able to keep up enough while getting re-acclimated, . (my second favorite plane :slight_smile: ) This weekend I’ll be re-downloading and getting my throttle/joystick out of the attic.

@Hamltnblue I’m disabled and can’t/don’t use rudder pedals. I use auto rudder and have a twist joystick, but that’s 99% for on the ground, including taxi and takeoff, without any problems at all. The secret is that you baby your takeoff roll. Maybe 35% torque. If you firewall the throttle, you’re going to die!

Oh, and if you like the TBM, make sure you are using this: mixMugz/msfs_tbm930_project: Improvement project for the MSFS default TBM930. (github.com)

It’s made by our very own @mixMugz, and he’s done a wonderful job on it.


Game now running. Got discord running. Also loaded the Vertigo. That’s one powerful aircraft!!.
Shot up to 14k feet in what seems like just a minute to get over PHL clouds. Shot (literally) down to cape may and landed. As soon as touching down she came to a quick stop. Took off and returned to PHL. Along the way rotated the fuel selector. Weird that it goes from left to right then shut off, then Both. Didn’t realize the shut off right away and took a minute to figure why the engine died. Selected Both and did a dead stick start.
Was back to PHL in short time. Landed and once again noticed it stopped pretty quickly. Taxied at 20% torque to parking area. Only there did I realize the parking brake was on LOL. This thing will power through with parking brake and take off.

@Hamltnblue Yes, sir, that’s why I love it so. The fact that it actually exists, and isn’t just some fantasy aircraft makes it even better, though I think there’s only the one. Unless the guy who made it has one or two more as backups or something.

But I doubt either one of us is going to be driving to the used plane dealer and buying one. And yeah, 20% for a taxi would just kill you if the brakes were off, so thank them that your virtual self is still living lol. It also has reverse thrust, so if you get that setup right with your controls, then it might just qualify as STOL.

HMU on Discord and we’ll go out together when it works for both of us.

ok inv me it will be fun

@Ilsatan666lI come on over to my discord server, https://discord.gg/GdqsY5fPrg, and we’ll see if we can find some time that works for anyone interested. Also, you may want to go grab that airplane I linked a couple of posts back, those are fun for goofing off in multiplayer!


im ready now

Helo, i would like to joint with you i am a fan of both cessna jet too, on discord my name tag is

@semigems001 @Ilsatan666lI @Hamltnblue

Guys, I am SO sorry that I’m having busy trying to get something scheduled, these days I’m so crazy busy with my new business, it feels like someone set my hair afire. But the three of you can try to get together and do something even without me.

Here’s how.
1- If you’re not already in my Discord, click on this invitation: https://discord.gg/PD93TSuN2G
2- Work out a time/times with yourselves and others, and use one of the chatrooms in the Server to talk. That’s why they’re there.
3- When you’re ready to go (and this is VERY important), you all must be in the same MSFS server (e.g. USA East, USA West, West Europe, etc.)
4- When you’ve decided what airport you’re starting at, spawn there in a parking spot, not on the runway. There’s lots of new multiplayer users and they might want to use the runway, too. Try to park close to each other.
5- Make sure you have “Show Traffic Nameplates” set to on. (Settings, General, Traffic).
6- Go fly, and have a good time. If/when I can, I’ll try to join in.

This invitation and instructions applies to anyone out there who may be interested, just let these guys know, maybe invite your friends, who will invite their friends, and next thing you know you’ll have 100 people! I don’t know how many people those chat rooms will allow though, I can’t imagine it’s unlimited.

Post invites here, on the Discord, anywhere you like, just don’t be a pest about it.

Have fun, if anyone has questions, let me know!