IFR Altitude Changes Excessive

I am getting excessive altitude changes from ATC during IFR flights. Many changes come before I’m able to arrive at the previous altitude. Was unable to pick up glide slope for ILS on one flight because I was too high on final.


my Cessna goes to 20.000 max and tower send to 28.000 Plane Stress and game over. plus heading knob and Altitude gets Stock up or down.

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Yea sometimes you have to ignore ATC and follow the VNAV course or turn on see waypoints assist and be at the altitude the waypoint suggest before you get there.

Since the Update, ATC has not been sending my C172 to stupid altitudes, – in fact, they seem to now always use the altitude I filed in my IFR FP with … which is a great improvement.

Also, what is working nicely, is if I am VFR, and set up a FP in my GNS530, and call ATC to file IFR, it picks up my FP in the GPS (as if I have filed it), and thats what I get cleared for, … Its getting there :slight_smile:

ATC–Cessna 172 climb and maintain 20,000 feet.

Me–What the F$%#%#!!!

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I don;t think, since the last update, it does that anymore, UNLESS you fail to set your FP altitude in the WORLD MAP.
If that says FL200, then you get what you ask for !!! – maybe ATC has a “sense of humor, or is just a joker” !!

Forget to set your requested FP cruise altitude a few time, and get what you ask for – you will soon learn to remember to specify what you really want.

It might not. A lot of the time I don’t file IFR and then once in the air file IFR, which is/was when I was assigned super high flight levels for the 172. I just found it funny asking a Cessna 172 to go up that high. If it was real life I’d ask ATC … do you know what type of plane im flying?

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