IFR altitude question bugged or?

Very new to IFR been using it for a few days now. It works fine when the weather is set to clear. Any other weather ATC gives me altitude to go to. You go to that & you are ever below or over it. Is it a bug or am I missing something basic? I’m playing on Xbox.

Thank you

Did you set altimeter to standard pressure above 18.000 ft?

It’s not a bug but airmanship. When passing transition altitude (in the USA 18,000 feet) you have to reset your altimeter to 29,92 inch.

When ATC assigns an altitude in feet, it is based on local altimeter settings to measure height in relation to sealevel. When ATC assigns your altitude in flight level, it is based on the standard altimeter of 29,92 inch.

By default, when you press ‘B’ the altimeter will reset itself to the proper required altimeter setting. This will always get you the correct setting.

Some aircraft will not automatically reset the Kollsman to 29.92 upon pressing B after passing 18,000. You might have to do it yourself manually using the knob. Also make note of whether the primary and backup altimeters are both set correctly. You may need to adjust that one too.

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