IFR Approach to unknown runway

Before I put in a bug report, I wanted to know if anyone has ideas about this issue.

When flying IFR, you can define on the map screen which runway you will land on, but that’s not very realistic. Airports will land you on whatever runway is appropriate for the winds.

They should tell you which runway to expect when you first contact on the Approach frequency, when you are still far enough out to program in the nav system with transitions etc. But no, generally you are only told which runway when you are within a few miles and a few thousand feet, and better yet, it will tell you to go back to a transition 75 miles back the way you came, and to climb back up to 15,000 while you are at it.

I was landing in Amsterdam in a 747-800 last night and this happened. Really annoying.

Shouldn’t it be standard procedure that you get runway/transition info when you call Approach the first time?

If you keep it in the map screen on “automatic” it should be like IRL.
The problem is the ATC is sometimes too late with giving you the right runway information and too late for sending you in an appropriate descent.This is my observation.
Beside this ATC uses sometings the wrong runway, e.g. for EDDF RWY 18 or even RWY 36 :frowning:

I check ATIS and plan the landing RWY by myself at the moment.
But improvement of ATC is a big topic in MSFS…

Yeah, that too. Zurich (one of my favorite airports) has a couple of runways that can’t be used. 14 is used for landing only, nobody takes off from there, nor do they use the recip runway 32 for anything at all. There are no published procedures for them. But I’ve been told to land on 32 several times (also 10, same issue).

This is just lazy programing. Where they have a database of procedures for the entire world, it is 3rd grade level programming to put in a rule that says “If published landing procedures exist for this airport, restrict landing instructions to those runways for which there are published procedures.”