IFR Flight Plan with stop?

So I know by searching that there pretty much isn’t away to make a two part flight plan, however, is it possible to select an airport mid flight and do a procedure ILS landing, take off again and still keep the flight plan you started with on the world map? Was curious if it’s possible before I go to the trouble of being mid-flight and lose the flight plan I created.

I don’t think so, in real life or in the sim. As far as I know flight plans are strictly A to B with a possible alternate B.

I think you would land then plan and file a new flight plan.

Is there a way to file an IFR plan from the plane instead of having to go all the way back out to the world map?

I don’t think so “yet” but also think they are working on adding it to the ATC menu, no idea when though but it would be great to do that.

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I believe if you are flying in a glass cockpit, you can enter your waypoints, then when you access the ATC interface, (again, I think) you’ll have the option to contact clearance and file over the “radio.” I’m not sure you can do that without going back out to the main menu or not.

Assuming you know how to use the MCDU in an A320 you would:

  1. Land at your first destination.
  2. Park up at given gate/ramp.
  3. go to MCDU
  4. Go to INIT Page: change the FROM/TO airports using the airport codes (for example, if you flew from Liverpool to Heathrow your INIT page would show EGGC/EGLL. If you now want to fly to Innsbruck from Heathrow you would insert EGLL/LOWI into the FROM/TO. This should change your
  5. Go to F-PLN page: Select your departure runway and SID from Heathrow. Then check all the waypoints to Innsbruck are correct Then select your desired runway for arrival and STAR.
  6. If you want to go deeper into the simulation, then check your weights/balances and fuel etc for the more details parts of the MCDU such as performance and / r-nav.