IFR in the Baron, NZAR - NZNR

After the last couple of days of virtual bush flying ending in a frustrating CTD, I switched pace and decided to take the G58 Baron on an IFR flight. The route was NZAR to NZNR, inspired by a recent YouTube video from Into The Blue Simulations.

Time was set to late afternoon, weather changed to a custom preset with scattered cloud layers, and tanks topped up for departure. The repaint is another one of @GentleDragon593’s excellent liveries, based on a real world Baron that flies in NZ and downloadable from flightsim.to.

This version of the aircraft is fitted with Working Titles new G1000NXI with full coupled VNAV, enabling the autopilot to manage the descent profile all the way from the cruise down to the runway. It worked a charm on the GENDA 2B STAR, followed by the RNAV 34 at Napier, with conditions somewhat better than Into The Blue’s arrival there several days ago!