IFR route problem

I need help planning my IFR flights. It doesn’t matter if I use the MSFS2020 itself to plan the flight or if I use another EFB, there is always this flaw in the route. What could be happening? Specifically, in this case, the flight would be SDMC - SBGL

There’s only 24 nm between them and it actually looks like it would take you longer on any STAR even headed remotely in the same direction (STAR 33). Have you tried Little Nav Map?

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Yes, I already tried Little NavMap and the same error happens!

It might be a Nav Blue problem, not sure anyone can fix that. But part of the problem is the current logic of the Nav Units.

That may change with today’s announcement (somewhat suspected) that Working Title team is joining MS full time. But nothing that can fix your problem right now.

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I understand. thank you!

If you will allow a dumb response.

I input the flight into the FS2020 Main Window: SDMC - SBGL.

I get a direct flight in FMS/FMC.

I don’t understand you screenshot with 2 white paths.

I should not understand. Armchair pilot with no training or knowledge.

Butt, maybe this will help you.

Forgot to upload picture.


He’s using IFR and selecting Arrivals other than Direct.

@LSM1978 can you show us exactly what settings you have on the built-in Planner?

For example, is your setting Low-Alt or High-Alt IFR? What settings did you pick for Departures and Arrivals? I just want to see if I can recreate it myself.


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