IFR Waypoints

Just wondering . Are the available waypoints, on on an IFR flight, in any way realistic ? Or , are they ( the waypoints ) totally made up ?

Thanks in advance , from a flight sim new-be !!

Use skyvector to compare. They are real.

The navdata in MSFS is from Navblue, an Airbus company. Navdata is updated, usually on a monthly cycle in the real world, but I’m not sure how often it’s updated in the SIM.
However, the key is keeping your chart and plate data matched to the SIM! In reality not much changes over short periods but to make sure that everything matches you need to have both the navdata in the SIM and the charts and plates in sync. As pointed out by @solarisfireball below, that is an option that NAVIGRAPH plan to offer. No word from Navblue if they plan a similar service?

Ah brilliant , thanks . That’s good to know .

Navigraph will be doing navdata updates on a frequent basis soon! https://twitter.com/navigraph/status/1299379675584761857

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