ILS Approach Waypoint runaround

I have an issue where i tune into the correct localizer frequency for a specific runway. when i’m about 10 miles out i switch on approach and the NAV1 needle points toward me rather than the runway. some of the runways do not do this, but most do. I think they placed the localizer beacon on the wrong end of the runways.

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It seems the only work around is to enter the approach from the loading screen.

I’ll take my best guess at the active runway and hope ATC doesn’t change it’s mind!

I wonder how that will work with sequencing to busy airports (not that sequencing is working great right now anyway…)

This is a way to do it yes but with airliners and the garmins you shouldn’t have to. When you load the approach it should automatically load everything for you and you just turn on the approach AP. I have found the best one is to insert a temp waypoint just around the airport and then fly over it and immediately activate the approach. Works until the bug is fixed.

I think it has to do with approach being assigned too late, AFTER you’ve already passed the transtion and ATC sends you back to it. The problem here also is that you can’t select a leg in the G1000 so you are stuck on that transition. I always cancel IFR at that point and fly the remaining part of the procedure in HDG mode.

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No alot of mine have been well before the transition. It is a functionality issue with the AP. not just ones assigned from ATC. Load up a flight plan and select an approach in the AP the ATC does not give you. Same result. It puts the approach on you GPS but it will fly you back to your last waypoint, delete that one and it will select the one before. The problem is that it is cycling backward when it should be cycling forward once you activate. Even if you just load and not active it it will fly you back. I pretty sure it is a gps issue, not ATC.


Agree 100%

So did anybody worked out a work around? Placing waypoint somewhere around airport probably is our best chance I guess.

Yeah when it happens I just delete the flightplan, assign direct to the airport and then add a waypoint, usually the one of the approach entry point and then load the approach, it works but it is ugly. Not so simple with airliners though and the CDU, those are even uglier to do.


If the localizer is messed up and you add your own waypoint, you don’t get your glide slope do you?

You have to delete the flight plan, do a direct to the airport, then set your waypoint a little bit away from the airport then contact ATC ask for clearance to land and pick your runway and then load the approach. It will load the ILS nav and Loc for you since we have no way of getting them in sim.

thanks … much appreciated

If you have experienced this bug please go vote on @AZRedneck33 thread to try and get some attention on it going forward:


Any fix on this? Quite fustrating that when you enter the approach specified by ATC the aircraft will turn 180 deg and you cant delete the “user” waypoint


If I’m flying under a flight plan that doesn’t have a pre-assigned ILS approach, what I do when ATC assigns the approach is manually do a “direct-to” to the assigned waypoint that way I don’t have the issue with the 180-degree turn-around.

Obviously that’s for ILS. For RNAV it’s a different story since the entire approach is GPS based. Unless there is no ILS approaches available, the ATC usually assigns ILS over RNAV. If you want to do RNAV, look up the weather data ahead of the flight (it’s what real pilots do) and anticipate the RNAV approach during the flight planning stage, that way it will already be there when it’s time to transition.

I look up the weather before every flight, problem is the ATC does not follow headwind RW assignments. It appears they just pick one at random so when they do assign you an approach you either have to load the new one or request your original RW and approach from the menu.

The direct to is a workaround yes but airliners you would just load the approach and it should pick up wherever you are on the plan. ATC is assigning approaches way too late and the GPS waypoint following logic for approaches is “always start at the beggining”.

I preconfigure my approach because ATC is useless in MSFS2020.

So if thats the case… is the wind of the destination airport on the sims flight planning correct for approach selection? Like if its showing 270 at 15 knots i will select the approach for the nearest runway bearing?

This works most of the times: after you load or activate the approach, open flight plan and select a leg you like in the approach sequence (for example the leg to the FAF) and press MENU. After that, an option to Delete the Flight Plan choice appears. Now, it sounds crazy, but press the fms knob ONCE, as suggested in the message below Delete Flight Plan. Be careful because you risk a crash to desktop. But if you are lucky you have the option to activate the leg you selected.

Another update and we continue with the same problem.


Yes, I’m very disappointed. Still love the sim but this bug in particular is becoming very annoying.

I started on a cross-USA trip in the Bonanza, and selected the eastern and westernmost airports in the contiguous US. In my second leg I had about a 2 hour segment leaving the east coast and crossing New York. I used live weather so it was night, scattered clouds, a stiff wind, and was flying IFR.

I simply forgot to select an approach, and realized it when ATC gave me my expected approach. If it worked correctly it wouldn’t be a problem, just plug it in and activate.

I was prepared to fly it manually, but in the process of fiddling with it, the game did a full CTD because of a related bug when you click around in the approach options. So a 2+ hour flight ended 20nm from the destination airport with the program just vanishing. Oh I also discovered when that happens, the flight does not get put in the logbook.

I don’t want to be toxic like many here, MSFS has such great potential, but I am very unhappy navigation is in such a state. To me this is much more important than updated scenery. I could care less about a better modeled Japan, make the planes primary systems work. When the flight part of Flight Sim works, then we can ohh and ahh over scenery.

If you read this and agree, I’ll reiterate my request to go get this voted higher in this thread linked below. It’s only got 68 votes right now. Also find and vote on any thread concerning Garmin bugs, as it’s probably a linked issue.