ILS capture problem

The ILS signal at LFBP Rwy 31 is ignored.
I was flying a clean DA62, Alt 2500.
The same happend on more occasions.

The avionics are pretty ropey. They’re working on it, but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and nobody really knows why.

It depends if the correct frequency has been set, which doesn’t always happen automatically.

Make sure you know the correct localizer frequencies.
If you don’t have the approach charts, look them up before the flight on the map.

Belief me. I know how to fly an ILS approach. You may call me an FS veteran. :wink:

If you would have included additional info like the loc frequency you have use I wouldn’t have replied :wink:

A clean DA62? I didn’t know that there’s a version with the various external equipment available, e.g. the MPP.

It must be a DA62 thing. I have problems hitting or holding a glide slope in both ILS and RNAV mode. Some airports are better than others. With ILS, I can hit the GS but as soon as there is a change in flaps, landing gear, or other, it either dives or climb and never recovers. I am flying a modded DA62 but the same thing happens with a non-modded (clean) version as well.

If I recall the freq is 110.10. By clean I mean the standard DA62. Didn’t use the mod in the test. And an empty Community folder. Appr alt was 2500ft.

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Some of the “ILS” frequences in the worldmap are simply wrong!
Watch that sample:
LOWW, Runway 16:
Worldmap shows ILS 108.10
Real is 108.50

If you use the real 108.50, the SIM will fly the correct ILS track



Erm, no. The frequency is correct…you are on the wrong end of the runway! :wink:

I’m pretty sure that you will not get a GS indication with you nav setup.

This basic error most likely explains a lot of complaints about non-working ILS / GS indications!

Can you please make a flightcheck to LOWW RW 16…

The Localizer antenna is never located in front of the runway.

Just checked:

No GS if you are using 108.1, plus a reversed CDI indication (localizer back course)

With 108.5 the ILS indications are correct.

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oh yes,

I was watching the wrong direction.

mea culpa

Have my frequency (LFBP/Rwy31/110.10) from Littlenavmap. As far as I know it gets its data from MSFS self.


It works for me, flying the DA62 mod by MrTommymxr, version Also using the Working Title Garmin 1000 Nxi, also version

I set Destination for LFBP, automatic arrival, and selected IFR Low Altitude Airways. For Approach, I chose ILS Rwy 31 Y.

Once in the air, I loaded the approach on the Nxi, and chose PO as transition point. Had to activate a different leg, as the custom departure point I chose in the World Map didn’t line up correctly.

It might be important to set your altitude to less than 2500. I believe, (didn’t write it down), that the Flight Plan on the Nxi showed PU (faf) as requiring minimum altitude of 2420. I set the altitude at 2300.

Just before PU, I pressed APR. Cool thing about the Nxi is that it knows it’s an ILS approach, and chooses the correct frequency (110.10), and automatically switches the CDI to LOC2.

I had to wait just a bit before the glidescope was captured, but it worked beautifully.

Hope this helps.


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Just did an ILS for Rwy31 also at LFBP (C172). All went oké. The LOC was picked up in time and the same with the glideslope. Due to upgrade 6 I guess. No ILS problem here anymore. :grinning:

But I still notice stutters when on or nearby the airport. Once in the air they go away, but in and after landing they are there again. Strange. Anyone also noticed?

Hi I am new here ever time I try and do a ILS landing the nav mode turns off during somewhere during the flight the AP stays on but the nav mode won’t turn back on to correct the flight path is this a glitch or an I doing something wrong

ILS doesn’t work in Nav mode.
You need to push the APPR button on the FCU to make the AP to intercept and follow the ILS.

I understand that my problem is the nav mode turns off miles before I an near the approach. The flight plan that the sim loads into the g1000 while flying the gps route the nav mode turns off and the plane flys off course. And the Nav mode will not turn back on until I hand fly the plane back on the gps course

Hi tmd1950

You have two modes: the NAV and the GPS mode. For flying a GPS route, you have to switch to the GPS mode. For flying a ILS approach, you have to switch back to the NAV mode first.
(see the color of the CDI arrow) Hope thuis helps.

I am in gps mode on the right g1000 screen I am getting no magenta course lines. The flight plan is the one the computer puts in for my ILS approach at the top of the left screen it will show the correct waypoint but there is no lines on the right screen the nav mode will not turn on