ILS frequencies and more details in VFR Map

You can find the ILS frequencies within the Garmins themselves (example on TBM 930 under waypoint information I believe) or the actual approach plate. I use Navigraph personally for all the approach plate related information for this and other sims.

Agreed regarding blurry runway text when zooming into VFR map. Can make it tricky to know exactly where to land after receiving the ATC instructions.


Got a few similar topics now. These should probably be combined.

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Count me in. Would be handy to have popup of freq’s for VOR and NDB as well as ILS

What I can’t believe is that all that information was available in FSX, and they didn’t use it.


YEAP that is great to have. Also use to position aircraft anyware say to keep practicing ILS apporaches and it would show you your track. Im still using FS9 and its all there.

Thats why I say this simn lacks a lot

Yes definatly

Not even the altitude of the airfields are on this map! Impossible to use it for serious flightplanning.

This is crucial to have a good sim experience.

I don’t understand how secondary things like trees, seasons, aurora borealis and other visual stuff improvements take so much lines in the top wishlist…

The in game map needs to have VFR/IFR Maps like FSX/X-Plane with Navaids and Frequencies that can be selectable and update the in-Aircraft Nav Radios.

And the symbology. You can’t tell a glideslope from a vor.
The symbols should be more standard and clear.

On fly by wire’s discord server go in tab « bot-commands » and from there you can get any airport’s full charts package for free with approaches (and frequencies), airport map etc it’s like 40 pages in a pdf auto generated by the bot

An implemented GTN 750 would do all we need for VFR and IFR. Please look for GTN 750 in the Wishlist, and Upvote.

Decided to give the sim another chance yesterday after close to 3 months of not playing at all. Well, what can I say. The start-up procedure is still the same badly designed thing (both visually and technically) and takes two and a half minutes just to get to the menu. The world map is still the same and pretty much unusable, not just when zoomed in. Shockingly, the VFR map, something so very essential for somewhat proper flying (even VFR!!!) is still the same useless piece of sh** as it was in August. I can’t believe it. What is this team of how many dozens of people actually working on? Four and a half months after release and god knows how many after the first trailer that got us all wet and hard and these essential things are still in some alpha- or beta-stage. It’s pathetic. I wish I hadn’t known about MSFS’s release because right from the moment I first read the news I was hyped like back in 2006 and was hoping for a great product that was at least equally as usable as FSX or X-Plane 11, not just a little prettier. Don’t know how many more months it’s going to be until these crucial issues are being addressed properly. Until then, I’ll keep shaking my head and the yoke remains under the bed. A shame, as I want to fly – badly, and properly.

Hello everyone. In a post a few months ago I presented something similar. I come from the world of X-Plane and in comparison the VFR map of MSFS2020 seems made with crayons by a child and in definition of a CGA monitor from the 80’s.
Without making special mention of the gigantic size of the plane on the map that occasionally bothers in distant views (it improves as we zoom in) the VFR map lacks all necessary information (except codes and runway orientation) and you have to play a lot with it. zoom to view waypoints or some other navigation aid.
Data such as the frequencies used in tower, ground, ATIS, etc. (the truth is I do not like that they tune themselves, I prefer to see them on the map), MSL data to adjust the altimeter, track numbers to indicate orientation and other data such as VOR frequencies and better defined points on the map are indispensable. The same as the wind speed and orientation data. How come we can’t see that at a glance?
I know that many pilots do not need these things and prefer to see them online because “it is not a game, it is a simulator” … but hey, for me it is both and in any case it is better that there is more data and can be deactivate so that we do not have them others. What I see in X-Plane is great compared to how poor this looks and having a program with so much graphic evolution, I swear to you that when I saw the VFR map for the first time I thought it was a mistake, for me it looks horrible! .
I do not think it is something so difficult to implement a good VFR map that is pleasing to the eye, with the same resolution as the rest of the things or - AT LEAST - as low as it should be which is 1024 * 768 (XGA)
I don’t understand how this request has so few votes … as soon as we open the VFR map it is like being shot in the mouth

That is another feature that I miss about X-Plane, being able to drag the plane to the point you want at the time you want. Layers of wind and navigation of high and low should also be.
Come on ASOBO, it is not such a crazy request that we make, the VFR map totally detracts from a program like the one they have made

Dont consider MSFS2020 a real IFR training device until from the map we are able to position the airfract anywhere, any altitude. This gives the ability to try multiple say ILS apporaches over time instead of getting ou. Also you need a flight track option like FSX, DS9 did so you can analyse what you have just done

yeah map is very poor. I want to see larger area and navaids, raido frequencies etc

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Could be combine with high detail satellite, approach plates, sids and stars etc
See this Wishlist post:

Also add distance scale to the VFR map, better yet it should be a sectional chart

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