ILS heading is not available for custom ILS


I made an airport which is not exist in MSFS - UWSG.
Runway has custom ILS:

<Ils lat="51.71201532186709" lon="46.19870163475568" alt="32.94004926085472" end="PRIMARY" ident="ITW" magvar="11.000000" heading="81.00000000000000" frequency="108.55000000000000" name="ITW" backCourse="FALSE">
<Dme lat="51.71157617424212" lon="46.15440784981683" alt="39.74611930642277" range="37000.00000000000000"/>
<GlideSlope lat="51.71302484724291" lon="46.15426640323173" alt="32.11828613281250" pitch="3.000000" range="37000.00000000000000"/>
<Ils lat="51.71330583876622" lon="46.14321916992005" alt="31.93490708339959" end="SECONDARY" ident="ITL" magvar="11.000000" heading="261.00000000000000" frequency="108.75000000000000" name="ITL" backCourse="FALSE">
<Dme lat="51.71081992414083" lon="46.18787917855355" alt="40.24825193081051" range="37000.00000000000000"/>
<GlideSlope lat="51.71225432927502" lon="46.18815791071852" alt="32.11828613281250" pitch="3.000000" range="37000.00000000000000"/>
<DeleteAirport deleteAllApproaches="FALSE" deleteAllApronLights="TRUE" deleteAllAprons="TRUE" deleteAllFrequencies="TRUE" deleteAllHelipads="TRUE" deleteAllRunways="TRUE" deleteAllStarts="FALSE" deleteAllTaxiways="TRUE" deleteAllBlastFences="TRUE" deleteAllBoundaryFences="TRUE" deleteAllJetways="TRUE" deleteAllControlTowers="FALSE" deleteAllDepartures="FALSE" deleteAllArrivals="FALSE" deleteAllPaintedElements="TRUE" deleteAllLightSupports="TRUE" deleteAllTaxiwaySigns="TRUE" deleteAllILSs="TRUE" deleteAllTerminalWaypoints="TRUE" deleteAllTerminalNDBs="FALSE"/>

ILS approach has a vertical marker on PFD and > for ILS heading in the right bottom.
Flying arround runway doesn’t move the heading at all. It always stays >.
The problem for both runways.
Changing backCourse=“TRUE” has no effect.

I made a lot of airports and very familiar with settings and other things. But here, I’m really stuck…
Any ideas what could be wrong?

Magavr is very sensitive for ILS.
For Magvar 8.0E the ILS settings must be -8.0

The ILS object does have a magvar parameter; however, the LOC heading needs to be true heading in the xml format. The SDK is ambiguous on this issue but I have created several ILS and they always require a true heading. Of course, this being Asobo silliness the runway headings for are indeed magnetic. Normally, one creates the ILS object as a child of the Runway object and one has to include the End parameter with value set either PRIMARY or SECONDARY. The End parameter is not used if the ILS is not a child of a runway.