ILS Issue with some boxed version users since version 1.17.3

I have a mysterious issue since version 1.17.3

Before this version , all was working for everyone .

In one off my scenery some users reported a shift on LOC (not aligned…) .

I can’t have the issue in my sim (Store version) and other boxed users don’t have the issue so it is complicated to fix .

Can you confirm if it can come from the magnetic heading or not or the Magvar .

All is custom in this scenery and the others works perfect with the same settings so i am lost with it .

Please help

Thank you

Is your third party product an airport?

What happens if it’s uninstalled, and the default (stock sim) airport is used? Does the ILS problem still happen?

Yes a third party airport with custom ILS

Without the scenery it is aligned .

I don’t have the issue myseflt , in my sim it is ok , and before 1.17.3 it worked for everyone .

Seems to be a bug only for boxed user version .
3 boxed users have the issue
3 Store users don’t have the issue .

I am testing all i can do but it is really curious …

Are the Boxed Version users also using Navigraph NavData?

One yes , two other not

What happens if the one using Navigraph temporarily removes their NavData subscription (using the NavData Installer)?

Another tip: Have the users delete their content.xml to rebase the scenery. Some shifts might have happen, and without rebase the sim keeps the old values and the new values and merges them together.

Sim from Marketplace:

Sim from Steam:
%appData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content.xml

I am asking immediatly for a test without Navigraph

And sorry i am not sure , you tell me to ask to delete the content xml so it will be rebuilded correct ?

Thanks for your help !
Appreciate it

correct! If you delete this the sim will reload all packages, Official and Community. So deleting this can help with scenery issues

Thanks for the tips !

I will ask it also

I provided 6 test version to beta testers and users with the issue and asked for the without Navigraph test.

So i add the content rebuild to the test flow .

I let you know

Thansk a lot

Do you know where is the content.xml for boxed version ?

Not entirely sure as I have Steam myself, I believe its close to what the MS Store path is. All I can say for sure it’s somewhere in the subdirectories of %appData% or %localAppData%

Thanks @AwesomeBlack533 and @tamalien for your guidance and help!


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Ok thanks …
Things always changing and a i can’t connect with my login into
Do i need to re create another other login so ?

yes this is a separate account

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So i go repost the issue …