ILS landing went wrong

It’s difficult to imagine without a full start-to-end recording to show us what happened.

I didn’t know that you are talking abou the modded A320.

Have you checked on the F-Plan page if the waypoints and the ILS aoproach are connected or if there’s e.g. a discontinuity?

I just takeoff and then skip to final then when i press APPR AP turns around

No discontinuity i checked

What do you mean with ‘skip to final’?

I always fill the frequency and course

There is a Travel To options

AFAIK you can’t fill in the course, at least not on any default aircraft.

In modded a320 you have to

Maybe it spits you out too close to the airport. All the various assists are rather unreliable in MSFS.

No even when i do a complete flight, it turns me around

What does seem to create a problem with the ILS etc is this:

Uncheck the *“Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support" so it is turned off.

Where do I switch this off

Somewhere in the regions settings. I’ve never used this option (I didn’t even find it).

But this is a genuine bug, there is a separate forum. So i was perplexed why didnt the auto encounter ut

Don’t understand…

Why didnt the author not encounter it

Even I’m not encoutering it. I think we’re not at the same page here.

So you just take off, and then you press the APPR? Are you tuned into the Departure runway ILS frequency?

I’ve never encountered this bug either. Again, maybe it’s this UTF-8 thing.

Nooo i did this utf but didnt help pl help me. I cant do ils landings