ILS - Looking for 'Loud' Nav1 Morse Rwy

Flew ILS into ESGG Rwy 03; 26 degrees; 110.30, but ‘morse’ was very faint.

Looking for a Rwy of at least 9,000’, anywhere in the World, with a nice loud/hearable ‘Morse’

In some planes you can increase the volume of the codes by turning a dial. Not sure if all planes have it.

I’ve never heard a loud morse signal, even with the volume dimed. It could be due to the planes I’m flying lack working volume. I don’t know. But I’ve yet to hear more than a faint morse signal.

In P3D just about every ILS I flew had a strong ‘morse’ signal, it easily penetrated the background engine noise in the cabin.
I assumed, incorrectly, the same volume level would be present in MSFS.

Maybe you can find which in-game volume slider that corresponds to the morse code. Keep that to 100%, while bringing down the other volume sliders to 20% or something. Then you increase the your sound system master volume back to the normal volume.

That way, the morse code that was previously faint should break through the background noise making it audible since it’s technically 5x louder than the other sounds.

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I’ll have a look at that, thanks.
I flew 4 different ILS yesterday in the C172 Classic, including KSEA, & in all cases I could hear the ‘morse’, faintly.
So its there, just a matter of teasing it out.
I noticed on a couple of airports that when I set up the Arrival runway for a Custom approach, MSFS put the correct ILS Nav1 frequency into the instruments.

I can confirm that morse code sound in NAV 1 is very low, mostly inaudible with some engine sounds. Even using the volume dials.

Just tried on the Cessna 152 and on the Robin DR400 (much worse in this one).

In the FW149 you can increase the sound via the volume control, in the Carenados too, so it is simulated, only not sufficiently integrated in the standard aircraft?

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