ILS not working for certain RWYs

Is anyone else having issues with the ILS of certain RWYs, at different airports, not showing up?

I was on final approach at KSAN, lined up for RWY 09 (ILS 09y) and it never shows up. This also happens at KSFO for RWYs 28L and 28R. However, the ILS for both RWYs 19 at the same airport, works fine.

Has anyone found a solution for this? Or is this a general problem with the entire SIM? Appreciate any thoughts. Btw, I mainly fly airliners (747-8).

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This has only happened to me if the ILS frequency is wrong or not programmed in the FMC. Have you checked that for accuracy?

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I am having the same issue… Seems mostly with 3rd party airports

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Yeah, I realized that could be the reason this happens. The only reason I typically wouldn’t check the frequencies for accuracy before, is because of the automatic interceptions of the ILS before flying final approach.

In other words, I really never had to before due to the automation of the AP. I guess I’ll just have to start checking the frequencies before I begin approach procedures. Thanks for the input!

Interesting – I guess I never really considered 3rd party airports causing the problem. However, lately this has been happening to me regularly at SFO, and that is not 3rd party. It’s one of the handcrafted airports in MSFS 2020. So, I don’t know…

The ILS freq is not always auto-populated for some reason. So I check each time. There have also been times where it was populated, but incorrect. There is one runway at KORD that must be wrong in the nav database and I figured that out accidentally.

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Hi Thomas,
Where did you get the frequencies from. The map in MFS2020 doesn’t show the ILS MHz and the localizer ident, for the runway, even if you zoom right in. some will have the glide slope at bigger airports
This is a pilot’s map to navigate all over the world on your PC. It is very good, It is Tramp (Little Navmap 2.6.6) I think it is 2.6.11 now. “It is free” and a standalone. I have downloaded. it and installed it. There was a program Commander that was the same, but it was discontinued. You can see it on YouTube. and instructions on how to get it and install. But I think it will not work on Windows 10. It is a lot better than the map in MFS2020, you can see your flight plan on it. Have a look at it you will be impressed.

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Little Navmap is great for this. Zoom into the ILS feather and the info is there. Freq, glide slope, type of guidance.

Much quicker than searching for approach plates, although the plates do contain the fix altitudes which is more than a bit important…

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FltPlan Go is a “real world” app for your phone or tablet. It is provided by Garmin at no cost to the user.

It has up-to-date approach plates and procedures, as well as Weather and MOS data.

It is a great supplement to Little Navmap in MSFS.


I find GPS does not send the correct ILS runway course back to VOR more often than not. If I setup my VOR-OBS runway CRS manually when creating a flight plan the plane will be a little to the right side on approach. If I ignore the crs setting and let the sim put whatever it wants I usually hit the approach dead center. I did have a instance just last night where I did not pick up the isl beacon on the freq published in the sim. I did not check online for the correct freq.

One runway at EIDW (Dublin payware) has a ILS Freq on the in sim map but flying to that runway the FBW A320 will not pick it up…pretty sure its Runway 28 if i remember

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Last time I flew there I hit an invisible wall (can’t remember the runway), that was the default airport so may I ask which payware you used?

Most add-on airports do not auto-populate the ILS frequency, you have to do it manual, I myself have stopped using ILS and use RNAV instead.

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Well you can get the ILS freq (but not the identifier) from the world map. Just make sure the filters are set to show navaids, zoom to details when you click an airport, and click on the navaid. It will show a box with the frequency at least. And while you can get the info from the Garmins, too (in most cases), it would be nice to have access to a map that would give the freqs/id’s etc while inflight.

I have learned to always check the frequency. If it’s not there i just Google for it


Yes, tested yesterday with the 787 and I can confirm. Community folder empty.

Did you try this with Navigraph data up to date and the Navigraph navdata line at the very bottom of your Content.xml file ? Almost all my LainVFR airports removed the ILS but this method has recreated them and other default airports.

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