ILS path into Las Vegas airport crashes you into a mountain

The ILS approach into Las Vegas using ATC FL takes me into a mountain:

I had the same on an ILS approach somewhere in India under heavy fog. Went right into a mountain.
I’m a newbie on flight simulation but I guess the ATC instructions and some ILS approaches are way off…

This is a common problem with the in-game ATC. Sometimes you have to ignore them and get around your situation, then reconnect and re-file same plan.

Best solution is sign up for Vatsim and jump in on there. It will solve pretty much all of the issues with the in-game robot ATC. The in-game ATC has been broken since the beginning of time. In fact, the in game ATC in FS2020 is very very similar to what we had on FS2004 with just a few minor updates.

Did you check altitude restrictions in FMC?

The in-game ATC is completely unreliable and nobody should use it.
The ILS for RWY 01L at KLAS starts at TREEY at 7000, the in-game ATC is trying to route you to the ILS using the base altitude which is totally and completely wrong.
The ILS is then not the problem the STAR/Arrival is the problem. Do you know which STAR you were using?

Thanks for all your feedback :slight_smile: Still learning this game (even with 80hours) and this is the first real issue I have had with following ATC instructions, but have others mention them :smiley:

about here is when i knew you’d have a problem…

and the ils doesn’t have a turn like that on it at all…the ILS starts at ROAMN transition, but theres no turn prior to that…I’d love to see your flight plan for that as it likely doesn’t include an arrival, which would be required to approach a northeast runway from the northeast without issues…the MSA south of LAS VOR is 8400 and west is 13,200, so you shouldn’t be anywhere below 13200 where you are currently…

i don’t know what the routing is in MSFS, but I can’t see your waypoint prior to ROAMN, so I can’t tell where that turn came from other than FMC made up because of lack of actual arrival being selected and followed.

The same with the ILS at Jackson Hole coming from Seattle. It sends me down to 11.000 way to early and i almost crashed into the Grand Tetons