ILS Waypoints Broken?

Upon planning ILS approaches for several airports the routing is just completely wrong. This happens when planning in the menus and when entering manually into the MCDU on the A320. This has been an issue ever since the sim was released so am I doing something wrong or is it just broken?

The screenshot is the ILS for Bristol (EGGD). The routing is broken for both ILS approaches and I know some other airports are the same.

You prefer a sharp turn like this on the BRI1C STAR to the ILS 27?

Personal observation:

As unflattering as the Flight Planner makes it appear, BRIC1C + ILS 27 only gives you two transitions - BRI1 and BRI2. Suffice it to say BRI2 is the more challenging one. This is using Navigraph and LNM:



So the routing and appearance is correct - it’s just that the turns aren’t rounded off.

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