I'm afraid!

On July 27th, 2021 the new and perhaps the most important update of MSFS2020 will come.
With performance improvement the MSFS2020 begins a new era.

But I am very scared! My MSFS 2020 is currently very stable and works perfectly with all extra sceneries and aircrafts.

When the new update comes, I hope the positive changes will not have any bad side effects.

That is why I suggest Microsoft and Asobo give this possibility, if something goes wrong for a user, he can restore his system to the old version.



Has it been past practice that you can ‘roll-back’ PC updates?

That’s not how it works on Xbox. Updates are automatically implemented and when you have them you have them. :thinking:

Pointless worrying about it till it actually happens.


Updates are probably mandatory because of updates on the back end that require your sim to be updated for compatibility. If the streaming system is looking for your sim to be 1.22.whatever, but you’re still at 1.17.x.x, it will see your setup as incompatible. You might get lucky and be able to fly in offline mode, but that really defeats the purpose of the streaming model. You might as well be flying FSX if that happens.


we can find this “wish” often within the forum and there are lots of reasons why disabling updates are not possible and why its a good thing that this is not possible.


Some friendly advice given in the spirit of contributing to a good night’s sleep…

“Don’t invent the monster.” :slight_smile:


Write here about wishes-whether attainable or not-is taboo in this forum?

Also, do I have to know about all addressed topics in this forum, and if something is repeated, is that not acceptable and don’t I have to talk about it? :slight_smile:

No, but all users are required to check for previous topics before starting a new one. This prevents duplicates, splitting valuable answers and votes as needed.

A search of the term “Rollback” shows many similar topics, including some that are still open. You would be required to participate and add to those rather than start a duplicate.


With that, we’re closing this duplicate thread.