I'm back!

For those who don’t know, last week my sim broke. And when I say my sim was broken, unlike many people on this very forum who use that term to describe a sim that has strange scenery anomalies, or a GPS that doesn’t work as they want/expect it to, or a dozen other examples, I mean it literally.

It was broken, as in WOULD. NOT. START.

You would not believe the steps I took to get it working again, countless emails back and forth to the zen desk (who was basically useless, and ended up sending me Reddit posts in a desperate attempt to help me when they lacked the skills to do so), at least 7 bare metal installs of Windows, including the final one or two where I finally figured out how to make certain I got a freshly formatted drive with no remnants of the previous OS or left over files. Install and uninstall Steam who knows how many times. Ditto for the sim itself. I restored backups of the directory structure under Program Files (x86), and also the ones they “hide” in AppData.

Tried to start with both directory structures restored from backups, then only one, then only the other.

Nothing worked.

So I finally contacted the XBox people for help (because the issue was thought to be somehow connected to my gamertag), and they had me delete it on my actual XBox (which I just happen to have, but once my Covid Relief government cheese money gets here, I’m buying a new TV which will make my XBox obsolete, as I only use it for VOD apps that any new TV will have out of the box, or at least be able to get, but I digress), uninstall all the XBox related apps on my computer, logout of the Windows store, reinstall all the apps (except one I was given a specific link for), and log back into all of them (with my new password, which was done during the delete and renew Gamerprofile step on my XBox), and even though I already have, I could go on and on and on some more.

Eventually I signed up for the $1 for 3 months of gamer pass, and was able to install the base version of the sim, and it RAN!!!

That’s the good news.

The bad news is they refused to do anything to restore all my licenses for what I had already purchased, despite spending hours with them in chat. So rather than extend the nightmare, I just gave in and started repurchasing licenses. I may be crippled and unemployed, but even my time has value, and I had long since passed the point that it was worth it to continue over a couple of hundred bucks in license fees, so I punted.

The bottom line is that my sim is now working, I am selectively repurchasing upgrades that I bought before (like the Key West scenery, the PA44, etc…), and I even have a new toy to use with all of it, pictured here:

While I was away, some good things happened!

The first bit of good news is that somewhere along the line of my woes, between windows reinstalls, maybe fresh (if not the most recent) drivers, and the complete loss of junk files or whatever that a freshly formatted boot drive might bring to the table, or even my imagination, but the performance on my sim has increased. I’m using @CptLucky8’s instructions for VR, but only the base Nvidia Control Panel recommendations, and of course which version of the drivers to use, and things look FANTASTIC, especially out the window!

One other good thing that happened is that I bought CyberPunk 2077, and I do not understand all the fuss. It works great on my system, at maximum settings. No, I’m not getting 120+ fps or anything crazy like that, but I don’t need that to have a very positive gaming experience. :man_shrugging:

Finally, you weren’t in some sort of dream, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl!!! And we’re building a trophy to celebrate the fact that the 2020-21 sports seasons in what we’re now calling “Champa Bay”, were downright astonishing. It looks like this:

Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know that I’m back beyotches!!! Should you have any questions, comments, statements, or just the desire to curse me out for some reason, fire away! I’ll be seeing everyone in the trenches!!!

PS… I advise against wasting your money on the new KPIE payware. You would think a payware company would offer a decent product, but it’s not. There are still taxi lights on stalks all over where they shouldn’t be, a runway that’s been closed for several years is still painted and active, and there are buildings just hovering a few feet off the ground. All this time I’ve been wanting someone to do this field, where I learned to fly (longer ago than I’m willing to admit), and they have to come in and do it wrong. Go figure.

See you out there in the trenches!

Been through hell, but all is well now even if it is costing me a few Benjamins to buy things again that I’ve already bought


I’m glad you’ve sorted this out and you can enjoy you favorite sim again!

Your story is just making me regret purchasing the FS2020 from the Store instead of Steam though.

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Welcome back.

And this is exactly why I’ll never buy software / games from the MS Store. Too many haphazardly linked separate apps, services and accounts that don’t directly talk to each other are all required to work flawlessly in order for you to be able to use the software you bought. Most of the time, it all works. MS are pretty good at keeping their stuff working. But if the slightest thing goes wrong, you spend ages searching around trying to find the right people to talk to in order to get your ■■■■ working again. And just MAYBE you’ll get it solved in the end.

Yeah, homie don’t play that game.

Welcome back. I’m glad your back in business.

Welcome back! I have KSAV from fsxcenery folks. Exactly the same problem with the buildings raised up off the ground a foot or two. I emailed the developer months ago and heard back right away that it would be corrected, but never got an update. So be warned it seems to be an issue with multiple sceneries from them.

@CptLucky8 and @Crunchmeister71, actually, it made me MORE likely to use the MS Store moving forward, even though they’re the ones who screwed me out of my licenses. There was far too much “vendor coat of arms” going on, in that everyone was blaming everyone else, and when I told the MS supervisor no less, that it would not make for good publicity for them if the story went public, especially when all it would take is for a person with enough juice to just say “replace his licenses”, she still just dumped our chat session like I was a bug.

@PeterE1959, thanks much, it’s good to be back.

@sttovo, yeah, it will be a long, cold day before I buy anything from then again. I cannot even begin to describe how disappointed, even heartbroken I was, due to my history with the place.

Ultimately, the guilty party here is Steam, but they’re so interconnected, I don’t know who is who. I mean, the zen desk. Who do they even work for? Why are they so useless, to the point that they don’t even have a phone number, chat capability, or even the willingness to pick up a phone and call a customer in distress? Ultimately, though, they are ALL representatives of Microsoft, which ironically makes me even more upset that I have to pay to replace my licenses, and wish I had purchased from them in the first place. At least then they wouldn’t have anyone else to point the finger at.

I hope I’m actually making sense.


what is that, some sort of salad?

Seriously though glad you were able to get your game working again. See ya in the skies! (gotta love that gummermint money eh)

Why not buy both? I did… because I ran into issues lol. I fly vr now all the time. Any benefits to steam vr?

Glad you got it fixed…what a nightmare. I pre-ordered from the Microsoft store and got a discount, but then I thought, nah, I can’t even get Forza Four to work online, despite multiple attempts following their procedures (I mean, what? Every other game I have ever had works fine online first go) so I ditched the MS store version and paid more to get the Steam version. No hitches so far at all, except for Asobo bugs.

Edit. I got Cyberpunk too and although I haven’t played it a lot (annoyed there’s no option for a steering wheel) I get really good frame rates at ultra at 1440p and it looks great. Having a Radeon 6800XT though I haven’t bothered with ray tracing.

This is indeed good news, but I am disappointed to hear you had to fork out more money for stuff you had already purchased.
That’s actually disgusting, but sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do.

Good Flights!!

@HugeMercury163, for a brief moment I thought I was starting to understand what the problem might have been, because all of a sudden I couldn’t even get the game to start. Constant CTDs every single time I tried. But then I realized what had changed in between when it was working fine and when it wasn’t is that I (re)installed MSI Afterburner and put in a pretty hefty overclock. Well, CP2077 didn’t like that, but as soon as I backed down some (I didn’t even have to turn it all the way off), it went back to working like it was.

It just couldn’t handle the OC, and it’s not the first game I’ve had that did the same thing. Control also doesn’t like OCs that it deems to be “too much”.

Go figure…

It is. But when I weighed the upside I get from having a working sim and the pleasure it gives me against the relatively small amount of money it would take to get things working again (I haven’t added it all up, but it’s gotta be no more than $300), I just said screw it, I’m not dealing with this hassle anymore over $300.

I’m quite sure I would have done the same.
I would be lost without my sim the way I want it.

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I read about your woes on Avsim. Good to see that it is finally working, although the refusal to reenable the already bought licenses is a sort of scam. After all, if only one gamer tag is valid, how could anyone use the licenses twice? Nevertheless, enjoy what is working now.

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Their “story” was that since I bought it from Steam, they didn’t have access to the records, which carried more than a little wisp of (a) bed of roses to me. It’s a Microsoft gamertag, no matter where I bought the licenses for it from. It’s akin to saying they couldn’t help me with gamertag issues on my XBox because I bought it from Best Buy.

Complete and utter equine excrement.

Oh, and as a message directly to Microsoft, in case anyone is reading this, I warned your people that I was going to publicize what y’all did to me, and this is me doing exactly that. If you don’t like it (and we all know how you don’t like any hint of trouble in paradise), all I’ve got to say about that is you should have trained your own employees better. And yes, I’ve got names (well, partial names because y’all are too chicken to publish your own employee’s names) and saved chat records if you want them.


Aside from the known issues of Zone Alarm Extreme Security blocking the base file download, I have no regrets about buying from store. Why put middle man into mix as horrendous as this game is to get loaded in the first place. I cannot determine why people have so much trouble getting this thing to work. FWIW-I have not started game in 2 weeks, hurt wrist, so cannot twist JS to fly. But since I got a 15MBPS connection, if the thing fails, going to give up on it, as I am sure as heck not going through all those problems to get it back. It’s way worse than FSX, and half the systems don’t work in any of the APs. Just way more trouble than it’s worth at this point it its life. Once most of the bugs are fixed it may well be worth it, certainty not now. When enhancements are scenery instead of fixing the problems with the base planes and systems. That is like putting on a new tire when the transmission is broken. Not smart, and won’t fix issues.

what a misadventure! you’re lucky, you don’t have the language barrier, I can imagine the poor guy it could happen to, like me for example, with the language barrier… pfff.

HI Kevin, Happy that you got all working again.
On a serious note, maybe you should consider a rock solid backup/restore system ??
I had a similar problem about a month ago. Nothing would work. MSFS would not start, some of my windows apps failed to start and things were acting weird on my Windows 10 system as a whole.
The next morning, the computer failed to boot.
My solution: Recover from my backup. I make one every 2 weeks or sooner if I feel I need it.
Started my computer with my recovery disk, selected the date I wanted to recover from ( 2 weeks ago) and started the recovery process. 34 minutes later my 1 TB OS drive (containing my beloved MSFS) was restored. I removed my recovery disk and rebooted. VIOLA… All done and everything worked.
Something to consider …


Welcome back but good gosh…the licenses all gone and with no recourse. I’m sure there’s some wording in the EULA that covers their butt when it comes to transferring license. But you’d think they would make an exception in this case. Store credit would have been the honorable thing for them to do. You would have gotten a new license but with no money out of pocket.

I hope this never happens to me. If it does, I’ll just leave the franchise for good, which would be a shame seeing how I’ve been aboard since FS5.1. For the sole purpose of competition and choice, I wish for X-Plane have a bright and happy future.

Welcome back Kev. I missed you!

As for the rest, no comment for now :slight_smile:

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