I'm biiiiind (Jim Carry's voice)

Since the sim released, it’s always been quite on the bright side and after the latest update, it became very, very bright to where I want to say unpleasant. Flying during the day feels like staying up all night then looking directly into the sun the next afternoon, I can feel the pain.
I know it’s supposed to simulate the darker/brighter spaces but it’s way over done, really hope we can get a slider of sorts to control this a bit better, it’s suck a pretty sim it’s a pity the vast majority of the scenery is super white.

Bright but not blinding -

Blinding and very unpleasant - Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.10.22 -

Before anyone goes REEE, it’s my settings, highly doubt it as all my other games/sims are just right for me, only MSFS is this blinding, nope I don’t use reshade and the Nvidia filter doesn’t solve the issue, it’s at best an instagram like filter for the whole screen, not the over exposure.

another example, try to read any of the upper buttons

WYM “upper” buttons? The top row? Is al very readable and both screenshots look totally fine here.

I think it has something to do with your HDR monitor

Don’t have an HDR monitor, at least no option in Nvidia, greyed out

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I assume OP means on the FMC. Indeed the top row is pretty much unreadable.

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Yes, the FMC, I forgot to write that part, my thoughts were faster than my typing, hehe. Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

Right, that makes sense :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed barely readable, but still contrast and lighting from this POV looks very realistic to me.

Fair enough, would still be very appreciated by, I believe quite a few simmers, to have exposure intensity slider, or at least a sunglasses option (like the flashlight for night time) to fight some of the ‘too’ bright parts off :slight_smile:

I think a “sunglasses” option would be really nice :slight_smile:

It seems like no matter where I am flying or what time of day the sun seems to always be a problem visually. A sunglasses option would be wonderful. It looks like there are plenty of pilots who are having this problem and would like a fix. I am not a programmer but it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to do. Perhaps a 3rd party could provide an addon. It would be greatly appreciated.

this thread seems to have ‘trifurcated’ if there is such a word. It started out with a post about how when you look down at the instruments the outside world becomes overly bright and I agree with that.

Next, a picture of an airline panel where sunshine has caused a washout of the buttons near the FMC and this to me is just bad programming. Those buttons should have even more contrast in the bright sun I would think.

and finally, it seems others want to say the sun itself is too bright and I disagree completely. The sun should be bright. The sun IS bright.

So, in summary, YES, they should tone down the effect where things get brighter outside when you look inside the cockpit and YES, the lit up buttons are not done correctly in my opinion but NO, the sun is not too bright. just my .02

maybe there should be Highlights, Midtones and Shadows adjustment sliders in the Graphics options.