Im done with this sim on XBOX

Well its the only game out of 440 Xbox games that crashes the console.

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Nah, i’ve managed to crash GTA5 a couple of times :slight_smile:

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Me too :joy::joy::joy::joy:

MLB THE SHOW 22 is a constant crash fest on xbox. Last year not one crash with MLB 21 - IT was perfect.

But thats a different topic for a different forum.

I did exactly that in May, and mistakenly assumed it was a finished, polished product - but I bought just when Sim Update 9 came out and caused a lot of crashing. I’ve since joined the Beta testing for “Sim Update 10” (aka SU10) and performance is much better, although not perfect. The release of SU10 is scheduled for Aug 23.

I recommend watching the Developer Q&A videos (they usually come out with each Sim Update) under the MSFS Official handle on Twitch and Youtube. They will give you a sense of development and that they are actually listening to feedback and working feverishly to both fix issues and hit their development targets.

I agree that the underlying Bing Maps are very out of date, but I think they are updating them slowly (World Updates). The photogrammetry of buildings and the AI modelling of trees, etc, will hopefully improve with time.

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Finally got time to do another leg on my round-UK coastal tour today, 4 days without is too long :wink:

Fresh boot, planned my route, pressed “fly now”, all good, got to the pre-fly screen and… no mouse, tried unplugging and re-pugging it, nothing, was working fine in the world planner but then disappeared.

I gave up at that point and sat in the garden, some days this sim really bites :frowning:


Okay. Bye.

Well I’m getting done with these ridiculous load times. I’ve been patient up till now and have said nothing and just dealt with it, but I can’t no more. I’m so fed up with it in “online” mode and “offline” mode its the same thing no different, it’s driving me nuts.

Do we really need all those redundant load screens that have nothing to do with functionality of the SIM…?

Why can’t it just load right into the SIM like everybody else’s SIM’s do. Aero Fly to site an example. It loads in less that 45 sec’s literally. Since going into “offline” mode till after the SU10 release I find myself gravitating more to Aero Fly to load up and fly than MSFS. I actually dread using MSFS now. It’s just a chore to sit there and wait for it to load so I can have some artificial flying joy. I find that I’m using MSFS less and less.


This is why i like Quick-Resume, but, I can’t use it because I lose the reverse thrust buttons on my VF1 yoke :frowning:

I have no idea why the first screen is “Press any button to start” - just get rid of this pause and at least we could go and make a coffee or read a paper while its taking its very long time to load, that screen serves no purpose at all to a sim or game.


So you saying that the 50mb fiber optic connection I have is actually 5mb? If that were true, a 60+ GB game would take days to download. On my system, it downloads in about 3 hrs or so. Sometimes, less. :grin:

I know it’s a pain having to sit through that screen but always quit the game. Never put it into Quick Resume as that messes it up.


I agree dont use quick resume, while it might work great for most games it totally messes up MSFS and not only that it causes lag too.


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Oh ya I know that because I read it here ! :+1:

50Mb (Megabits) is 6.5MB (Megabytes) a Second. That is not slow

So 60GB would take roughly 160 Minutes… so yes 3 hours give or take as it won’t always be at full speed!

And then when it crashes before you can even takeoff, you get the joy of waiting through the interminable loading sequence all over again. I’m getting so burnt out on the problems with this thing that I’ve stopped using it other than to occasionally check to see if they’ve fixed the many performance and image quality issues. 99% of the time, those check-ins result in a verrrrry long wait to load, more time to set up flight, and then an instant crash before I can takeoff. That’s followed by immediately closing the sim and going back to doing something else for a week or two, but I’m really not seeing the point in sticking with it much longer. I haven’t had an actual trouble-free flight of more than a few minutes for months now and my interest level is dropping fast. It’s more like an extra job that I have to constantly work at than an enjoyable escape. Chalk that up to its cursed FSX underpinnings. FSX was exactly the same way, and was NEVER properly fixed.

At the rate they’re going, I don’t see this lasting anywhere near the 10 years that they projected. It can’t be a science project that requires constant tweaking and holding of one’s breath in the hope it doesn’t break yet again. It needs to JUST WORK.


I feel the pain, i am only getting success i think because i limit to short flights and only run std install. I’m pinning a lot of hope on SU10.

Are the problems more with the A320 Neo? I’ve just decided to start learning to fly it on the series x and getting constant CTD, screens going black and problems with following the ILS glide slope these last few days and it’s almost unplayable with this plane

Really sorry to hear that, hope things change for you. I have never used Xbox but always believed it was a good platform.

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