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Not sure what this has to do with MS Flight Sim but looking at the upcoming Forza Horizon 5, I see a full featured game thats launching with hundreds of cars and thousands of tuning options and yes, even rims.

The dlc expansions for Forza Horizon games are typically very expansive, as well.

This is actually one of the things I really like about MSFS relative to other sims - you do NOT need to buy a bunch of addons just to get to a decent game. The base game has great global graphics and weather, a bunch of good GA aircraft and some freeware gems (FBW, Salty, Heavy), live traffic, airport life, and more.

Yes, we all know about the issues with live traffic and weather and so forth, but they are in the BASE game - and assuming they fix the issues over time, you have a one time $60 payment that gets you all of this.

Of course there is tons of DLC for people to buy, but really nothing so far is absolutely critical - you can very much enjoy the game without paying anything more, and if you want to go deep, you can over time.

Compare that with the other sims where you either pay big bucks, spend a lot of time downloading and setting up stuff, or both, just to get to a point where it’s tolerable. I’ve spent on OrbX, Ultimate Traffic, Active Sky, Xenviro, Ground Traffic et all XP and P3D, and I’m quite happy not to for MSFS.


Hi all! Please keep topics on focus of MSFS and the advancement of it.