I'm offi­cially done

I only had one rule: I could only go for the next leg when I successfully completed the leg before. Meaning I’ve spent some time around Kathmandu.

Bogotá to Rio was the only leg where I fell asleep as it was already the middle of the night. Of course I overshot the airport by around 100 nms.


LNM is really handy. I wish I would have thought out the early parts. I missed Luxembourg when it was less than 100 miles away. Now I get to add a 500 mile diversion.

Also, I see you name on here a bit. Howdy.

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It is. I also use it a lot. Mainly for taxiing and to find the right gate but I can see the potential.

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‘Pause at top of descent’ would be very useful for such situations, but that would be better if the MSFS pause actually stopped time.

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Posts with titles like yours usually mean a rant about how the author is never playing the simulator again because of some bug or lacking feature or something. Thank you for posting this uplifting account!


I can’t neither confirm nor deny that the things you described may have been on my mind while outlining the title.


I use LNM as well and have the Navigraph beta. I tend now (with the Beta) to flight plan in MSFS world map, save the plan, then load into LNM to use as a moving map - much better than the VFR map in MSFS.

For my all capitals mega trip, I’ve been using great circle mapper to work out the shortest route - plus a complicated excel spreadsheet and VBA…I know - but it is something to do in the cruise that isn’t housework :grin:

My best route is this on GCM:

109,078 miles

I’m planning on doing this in the Longitude - should be just able to do the longest leg which is Mexico City to Papeete in French Polynesia

If you want the flight plan, click here:

Flight Plan



That looks fun. For an XCub there’s far too much water, even with a modded extra fuel tank. My trip is more of an International Bush Trip on steroids. It’s not that efficient or fast, but I have the time. I’ve also found that it’s easier to do 2 two hour flights, than 1 four hour. Plus, crashing within sight of the airport isn’t as annoying.


Yeah, the longest leg in my plan here is over 4,000 miles…not gonna get there in an x-cub other than using the magic bottomless fuel tank!


Meandering around the globe myself, mainly in single engine pistons. M20J has been a big upgrade from the C172 classic in terms of speed, which speaking of the C172 - I used to go from NYC all the way to Iceland, no time acceleration.

I enjoy taking it slow. Been finding surprising landmarks and reading histories along the way. Didn’t know they had camel race tracks in the Middle East.


cool. now do it the other way

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It would actually be faster as my main heading was westward. It was way to late when I realized this might have been a mistake.

Great adventure! Thanks for sharing it. If you’re up for suggestions, how about switching to a smaller plane and doing the great rivers of the world? Amazon, Nile, Mississippi, Volga, Danube, Yangtze, etc. That would be an epic set of adventures. This is my plan after my current world tour.

I’m tracking mine on Google maps and creating all my detailed routes in Little Nav Map. So far I have flown the TBM 930 and the Bonanza with Turbo Mod. Through flying this route I have totally fallen in love with both these planes and discovered much in the World already, and I’m only a fraction of the way.


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Good idea. This might really be my next project(s), focussing on a specific continent and going all over it with a small plane.

First, I need to make myself familiar with one of the smaller birds as I didn’t go the way a real pilot would probably do: starting small and working their way up to the airliners.

On the other hand I was really amazed when I tried the featured bush trips. Reading the extensive descriptions and then looking around for landmarks to find my way really was something else.

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I’ve got an itinerary for a coastal tour of the UK, that includes the Shetlands, Orkneys and Inner/Outer Hebrides if you’re interested?

I’ve flown it at <1000ft in a C152 and it was great fun. It’s tough to get lost when you’re following the coast, unless you go the wrong way of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

UK simmers where you at?! - Multiplayer / Find a Friend - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Just load it into a spreadsheet and you can start wherever you want. You might want to remove Manchester (EGCC) though, as that isn’t overly coastal and was added for a special request.


I personally like to keep great distance from the ground but sure, fire any tour at me - I’m interested.

you had me with the title. here i am thinking “oh great another whiny child about missed expectations” then i was like “oh no this dude actually did something cool.”

Good one

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Thanks! Finally, drama school pays dividends. :smiley:

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You guys are way to busy… I’m on holiday and am not that busy. Always learning wannabe pilot that loves PMDG 737ngx within FSX but with a PC that couldn’t quite single core it. Needless to say I am loving the 787-10 that MS have put in the game but understand its a cut down version.

Guess I’m a Boeing boy!

Looking forward to be able to do what I need, to learn within a Sim that will behave the way it should.

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I must admit, that when I noticed the subject line of this post, I thought “not another unhappy person who wants us all to know their leaving MSFS for good”…

Nice to see it didn’t actually go down that path.

Well done on your huge trip.

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