I'm offi­cially done

Please elaborate, I’d love to have an extra tank on my C152

I don’t know your programming skill level. Mines pretty low. I’ve never personally modded anything. Needless to say, don’t mess with anything in the “Official” folder. Things I fool around with live in the “Community” folder. I would imagine that copying the C152 folder to the community folder would allow you to experiment.

The additional tank is already in the flight_model.cfg files for the XCub performance mod. It only needs to be activated by editing one line in the [FUEL] section. I compared the one for the 152 and the XCub. They’re similar. The performance mod comes from Bush League Legends. You can get the latest version there.

If you tire of the 152, feel free to climb into an XCub and join us on our world tour. We fly Mondays and Thursdays. Check out the discord and the website for more details. bushleaguelegends.com