I'm seeing all airports as uncontrolled after updating to SU5

All my airports show the brown icon as well, any updated fix for this?

Nope, there’s no fix as far as I know.

How about now?

Maybe check again after the next update releases?

Sorry for the notification, I wasn’t sure if this was a MFS engine or a Navigraph issue and a Navigraph update was recently released.

Its a MSFS issue. We will see if SU6 will fix.

Welp, SU6 did not fix it for me.

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Im not seeing the Airspace markings / limits (For example Class B and C) on the map of the 530 using the 172. Im on Xbox. Is this a known bug?

Still not fixed after SU9


Not sure what is going on here. Many Canadian airports I fly out of were controlled up until the last update. A good portion of them (major cdn aerodromes) are now uncontrolled. Super annoying

Airspace markings are also missing on the main map.

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I agree, super annoying. CYHM (Hamilton, Ontario) is a major hub and certainly controlled but ATC is behaving as if it’s uncontrolled. As far as the suggestions above. There isn’t a content.xml file in MSFS anymore so can’t try that fix. Deleted all files in the sceneryindex folder. No luck. Is this still an issue for others?

Happening to me as well, KBFI(Boeing Field) is uncontrolled?!? But KORS(Orcas Island) is now controlled from Victoria?