I'm so confused.. Bought premium DLX version in game?

I tried searching and couldn’t find anything on the topic. I had Flight 2020 on MS game pass, I didn’t want to keep paying each month just for access, so I bought the premium dlx version in game with 400 credits, canceled my game pass, now it doesn’t seem like I actually own the game… Help

You bought the upgrade to premium deluxe in the marketplace. It still requires the base standard edition to play. When you canceled gamepass your standard version went with it.

The marketplace specifically said those are upgrades from the standard version so you will need to either buy the standard version from the MS store or resubcribe to gamepass to play.

So wait you cant actually buy the game, in game?

SO What your saying is now I need to spend $60 more just to get the full version of the game?

Access to the in game marketplace requires the game which is the one you were getting from gamepass. Why would they sell the base game in the marketplace that requires the base game to play?

This is also why the premium deluxe was cheaper. It is just an upgrade from standard.


Correct. Or resubscribe to gamepass.

it was still $100 so now Im spending $160 on the “full version”

Any idea of how I can, fix this?

You could try asking MS for a refund and then buy the whole package for i think 120 but I don’t know if they approve it or not.

Also you realize that the 100 one was not for the highest package that contains all aircraft and airports right?

The pricing goes down the higher package you buy. I bought the 89 package and it includes everything. At least in the marketplace unless they changed it since I upgraded

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To be honest the whole things was confusing, The $100 option was the most expensive I though it included everything, I’ve bought upgraded versions on games from MS before and it charged different prices to go from standard versions to upgraded versions, you didn’t need to pay full price again to get the upgraded version, I just assumed this was some other type of deal like that. Either way I don’t think it was explicitly clear in the in game store.

I do appreciate your help and insight.

I would’ve just straight out bought it in the store, but it seemed like you could just do it in game… FML

I agree. The pricing was not exactly clear.

If you own xbox and baought a live acct you can convert your live account to gamepass ultimate and then have crossplay. They will give you 1 for one credit on it.

I had 9 months left on my live purchase so I got gamepass ultimate for like 11 months because the pricing is a bit lower. My gamepass is now paid until July 2021.

I think if you explain the situation to Microsoft pronto they’ll refund you. I agree, it could be confusing. Hope you get a refund.

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Well I submitted a refund request, we’ll see how that goes. I’ll try on update the post on my “stupidity” sigh…

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