I'm so proud of my nephew

He’s been coming over and helping me with projects around the house. Today we put in a garbage disposal. When finished, he wanted to fly. I’d sat him at the controls once before, after taking off and get up to cruise altitude. This was his 2nd flight ever.

Today I started my Fouga Magistere on the runway at PHKO (Hawaii.) I let him do it all. Of course I was helping with throttle, flaps, trim, gear, etc., but he went down the runway, pulled back, got airborne, gained altitude, and flew around the big island. He even did a few aerobatices - a couple of aileron rolls, and even a couple of loops.

I directed him to a landing approach at PHOG on Maui. He nailed the glideslope, and touched down like he’d been doing it for a while.

He even asked “Should I pull the nose up a little and let the rear wheels touch first?” :grinning:

He enjoyed the experience. He’s more into RPG’s than anything, but he really took to the sim.

At one point I was away from the desk, and heard him say “What the heck?”
I looked over and the screen was black. I though “Oh no, computer crashed…”

Nope. He’d been pulling G’s and blacked out. :rofl:

I love this simgame.


Planting the seed! At some point you guys should go to the local airport for a Discovery flight.