I'm starting to fill cheated by MFS2020

Hello everyone,

I can be making a mistake, but I started to feel myself cheated by MFS2020.

  • Somedays ago I bought the Premium Deluxe version from marketplace, which says its the best value, and now I discovered it doesn’t include the standard version. It gets 60% more expensive if I need to buy the standard version separated in the future. How you call it the Best Value? It’s totally outrageous;

  • Even in the marketplace I bought the Boeing 737 from BREDOK3D. It’s totally broken. I asked for a refund and it was denied;

  • I can’t complete a flight, since the screens go black after 1 hour flying.

I’m getting tired of this.

  • of course deluxe it includes everything from the standard version
  • bredok is meh, shoul have done some research before buying, not an msfs problem
  • never seen any screen going dark myself but maybesearch the forum for solutions, youll need to provide more info to get help tho…

Premium Deluxe in marketplace doesn’t include standard version. It’s ridiculous.

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It does for sure. You dont need to buy standard. Go to content manager and check if you have downloaded all the content.


The Premium Deluxe version includes everything from the base game. Unfortunately the Bredok 737 isn’t the best but I guess some people do like it. There are better passenger jets coming from other devs.


As already stated you need to go to your content manager and look for uninstalled items. Deluxe definitely does include standard airplane models.

I thought the same. But type in the search “deluxe premium in the marketplace” and you will discover this.

Its not about what you tought, it is just a fact. Standard is included in deluxe and premium deluxe. No matter what you say.


You couldn’t use the premium deluxe version without the standard basic version!


Ok you’re right

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The Premium/Deluxe version in the ingame marketplace doesnt include the base game. Its an upgrade and requires a base game or an xbox pass subscription.

You can buy the standard version and then add the deluxe version as an addon. That’s what I did. In my case the deluxe addon price was half the price of the standard versión so it was clear to me that i was buying and upgrade. But depending on yout region it could be lower, higher or the same price so it may lead to confussion.

The problem presentes if you get the xbox gamepass and you buy the upgrade from the marketplace, thinking you bought the whole game. As soon as your subscription ends you lose access to the game, and with it the upgrade (as any other addon). I understand that if you resume your subscription or buy the game you recover access to your addons.

*sorry for the typos

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Perfect. It happened to me. It was the same price than xbox store

Aaah, okey, did not think about that, i tought he bought the full deluxe version, not only the upgrade. Now it makes sense

Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear

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No problem, i never came to the idea that it is possible to buy the upgrade without owning the game. But yeah, theres gamepass… did not think about that. :slight_smile:


In that case I humbly retract my statement. It should have been clearly spelled out by the vendor but as in many cases, communication around this product is poor


You could check if you qualify for a refund. You should buy the game from MS Store app or Steam then if you still want it.

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I’m waiting for an answer. But how I’ve already been denied a refund, I’m not much hopeful

Beware that, if im not wrong, if you bought from xbox pass you should buy the base game from MS Store as the addons are not transfered to the Steam version.

Again there is no clear or easy to access information about it.
Good luck


Premium deluxe version includes everything. You probably bought digital deluxe upgrade without owning the standard edition. Don’t know how it’s possible but that’s what happened.

Your own fault buying bredok 737. Same goes for captainsim. These are the worst planes on the market. It’s not hard to do research, 5 minutes is enough to learn they are bad and are freeware quality at best.