I'm starting to fill cheated by MFS2020

I feel you man, got the Eurofighter Typhoon yesterday and can’t get a refund after less then 1h of flight (rejected by Steam). It’s also from BREDOK3D and it’s just bad, an unfinished product.
I feel like givind it a bad rating on the market place wont protect other folks to purchase a half done aircraft…

I won’t buy anithing else from the market place for sure.

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Whether any of us like it or not it is quite often a normal practise in retail to offer bundle options for products at a significantly reduced price than buy them as single items or upgrade packages at a later date. At the end of the day the purpose of such deals is to entice the potential customer to spend more to get a seemingly better deal. The vendor has no way of knowing if you are every likely to return to buy more or additional product, the bottom line is they want to obtain the highest chunk of your money as soon as possible.

You are not paying for the standard version again (even though you may feel that way), the additional content in the form of the upgrade path is simply not a very economic route to take. Fortunately those who are interested in buying the sim now are at least able to research more effectively to see what the actual cost of upgrading will actually cost.

I was the opposite when I decided to get the Premium Deluxe version, I was of a view it would be the more cost effective way to obtain the additional content - I could argue it was not worth the extra expense because I have not specifically used that content much.

My best advice would always be to research as best you can, and for anyone wanting the additional content but feel the upgrade price is just way too high I would say hold on to your money. Focus your future purchases on specific additional content that appeals to you and you feel the asking price is acceptable. :+1:

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i agree! i saw the Boeing 737 from BREDOK3D and instantly knew it was trash. also I dont see MS policing what goes in the marketplace because at the end of the day they get their cut and fill their pockets. MSFS Scenery is another developer that put out consistently terrible looking airports :slightly_frowning_face:

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I agree about the deluxe/premium deluxe stuff, the pricing isn’t clear at all, it’s very muddled and poorly explained.

As for third party things, there’s no point in blaming either Microsoft or Asobo. The QA testing is to ensure it functions in the testing environment. That’s it. Quality of a product is relative to the individual purchasing it. Some people like it. Now I personally don’t, as I try to do my due diligence and read reviews before purchasing a third party addon. There’s no point in whinging about the QA process. It’s not there to ensure you’ll think the product is good.

Do your due diligence. If there is a review consensus that it’s a pile of ■■■■, don’t buy it. It really is that simple.

Always worth searching these forums for reviews before buying, that’s where you’ll find out if something is worth it or not and give you the inof you need to decide if it’s right for you. Some people like the Typhoon, many don’t, but you’ll be able to find out on these forums why that’s the case.

For example:


I’m starting to feel cheated too… I had this unfortunately clearly wrong impression that simmers were more mature audience than standard gamers. After following the discussions here since launch I have to admit I was wrong.


its up to the user to gather info before buying something.
on the mp you will find bad stuff and good stuff.

a lof of people here are not what i call simmers.
first define what you call simmers…


It is a little bit difficult to define “one” type of simmer, because everyone has other priorities.

I for example are rather bad at landing bigger planes, I have never learned to program the FMC computer of airliners, and therefore I fly VFR and Garmin3000 navigation only.
Yet I only buy and install the most complex study-level airplanes, read the hundreds of pages manuals and the more technical details and infos about the cockpit systems background infos about the plane etc the better, and the more system depth and realism there is, and the more difficult stuff to learn there is - the more happy I am with a plane.

But I never fly airliners in a way of pre-planned and exactly scheduled Boeing flights but focus on the interesting airplane technology cockpit systems engine-management engine heat vibrations failure prevention only.
And even study-level Boeings are flown VFR and mostly with hand-flying (landing with automatic thrust control but also hand-flown) for no longer than half an hour or hour… for sightseeing the autopilot is programmed with simple HGD direction and altitude selections.

If a typical simmer is someone who pre-plans a 7 hour flight from one mega airport to another mega airport, starts the autopilot and lets his Computer switched on the rest of the day while the plane is doing all the flying on it´s own - well I am not that type of pilot. So I guess many people would declare me as “not a serious simmer”.


I don’t think a ‘serious simmer’ can be quantified. It’s a relative statement, that is 100% opinion. So anyone who thinks they can pigeonhole someone based on their own biased opinions isn’t worth listening to.

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Maybe that’s the problem. The more mature “Simmer”, who was previously only used to FSX, P3S etc., completely lacks the possibility of comparing the higher level of " Games "should be at in 2021.
The technical implementation with VR, for example, is where others 2016 were. :wink:

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Maybe those “others” with more optimized VR experiences are not nearly as complex code-wise and what they are trying to achieve as MSFS? :wink:

Yes VR is the ultimate flying experience. (But for VR at least a midrange graphics card is needed…)

I’m primarily talking about visual errors, and there is nothing more than a graphical interface. No more or less complex than in a freeware game.

Stop presenting FS as super complex.
It’s good and big, but by no means the pinnacle of gaming development.


Well, I am not aware of any other game that tries to model the whole world and its atmosphere as close to reality as they possibly can. This does not mean that it is a pinnacle, just to clarify what I mean when I say it is complex.

Yes, but that has nothing to do with the VR interface. There it is only a matter of transferring the image data to the HMD. And there, e.g. shadows, reflections, the room geometry is partly incorrect. This has absolutely nothing to do with the game code itself.

Otherwise, I am already aware that, for example, LR with his one-man show (Incl. sales and accountants 14 People) cannot keep up with the hundreds of programmers at A.

As for non-sim projects, I know some that are larger and more complex. But yes, just sandbox.

Just so people know, you may be aware of an open spreadsheet that is collecting feedback on any marketplace addons. This is currently intended for the XBOX platform.

After reading comments regarding PC issues with marketplace addons, I have made the following changes:

Adapted the list to support the PC platform.

Added the ability to add any incompatibility issues with peripherals, software or add-ons to an entry.

Enabled sorting the data by platform.

Here’s a tip about buying aircraft on the marketplace…go on YouTube and look for reviews first. If you had done this before buying the Bredok3D 737, you’d find out that the model is garbage. I don’t buy anything with looking for reviews from other simmers.

If someone does not know to open Google and type in product name + review, watch YouTube videos read Amazon reviews etc. about something he want´s to buy, buyer´s remorse and the lost money will be the best teacher for life before trying the next purchase. :wink:


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